My Trail of TEARS!

My Trail of Tears starts with all the other trails, the black trail of tears is just my story.

Is there blood on the wire, can whatever happened before happen again? Is it happening now?

What if you had a history filled with violence and abuse, will it ever die? How can you be assured this bloody shit doesn't again happen? Do you just say fuck it and keep pushing?

Sometimes you must do a "check-up from the Neck up"? Is there a plan? What is the plan, what is your plan? What good does it do to make a plan when you do not understand the bigger plan? What does God have planned for you, me?

Will it be more slavery, will it be more Jim Crow, will there be more Trails of Tears, is that a right or how do I ensure this does not happen to me again? That is if you don't want what happened before to happen again.

Is my trail of tears still alive? Our children's blood is being spilled all over this country, is it a trail of tears or a trail of blood? What about all the massacres, East St. Louis, (the Black Holocaust), Rosewood, Orangeburg, New York City Draft ... have you forgotten them? Why do we choose to memorialize 911? That was then, it's alright, will they repeat this shit? Do we now fit in? What is your plot now? Riots, all because I don't fit your image of who you think I ought to be?

From the teachings and historic places, what are the lessons learned? Do you think Hitler supporters saw the wrong in what they were doing? Low-down, treacherous, cold hearted, coward, son-of-a-bitches. Standing by just watching as all these trails of tears go by. Do nothing as you watch them helplessly and needlessly suffer to death before ever reaching our inhumane destinations? 

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!