My Personal Experience with American Cops

I have never committed a crime worthy of going to prison, but have had several nasty encounters with low-down cops who tried to provoke the situation.

I remember when they were called police and it was a bad word to refer to a policeman as a cop. I remember when you could talk to them without calling them Sir. I remember wanting to become a cop, but my mother warned against and thank God. She said, “police have to arrest their friends”, what kind of friend would want to arrest their friends, and from that time on I did not want to be a cop. What kind of citizen would want a job arresting their fellow citizens? See, I was thinking about the good stuff schools told about cops, when my mom brought me back to reality.

I lived near an all white girls college and have had more negative encounters with white males about messing with "their women" and guess who the police sent hiking and I lived in the neighborhood.

My first speeding ticket was provoked by a cop riding my bumper in the middle of the night. Talk about terrifying and he did give me a ticket for trying to escape. My first trip to lover's lane was interrupted by a cop who should have been out looking for criminals, not for young lovers. Can you imagine the embarrassing shit he put us black high schoolers through and he knew what we were trying to do, which wasn't a crime. When did making out become a crime? What does he tell his children?

Today, cops are very secretive about their identities, undercover, FBI, GBI, DNR, CIA, Secret Service, ATF… every other person is a cop and still crime is rising at an alarming rate. Are cops doing their jobs?

Why are relations so strained between cops and the people they are sworn to serve? Why would a people select a public servant to harass them? If relations are so strained how is this serving? Why is the divide between cops and people widening and people feeling less secure, from the cops they hired to protect and serve? Why must you talk to your kids, which are just like the kids of cops, about dealing with someone who is sworn to protect and serve them?

Cops to protect and serve, military to protect and serve, why are we a number one country yet, a racist torn state? Why does not the military experience all these strained relations like cops. Why are we happy to see our military and hesitant to see the people hired to police? Is it the people or the police? Are the people becoming more criminal to demand more cops? Why would the people hire more cops to arrest/police their asses?

I remember when cops were the biggest supporters of racism, jim crow, KKK but I do not remember that changing. I remember the first black cops hire to balance the threat of an “all white police force”.  During my lifetime, all I know about cops is “targeting Black Americans”, like we were not human beings. My parents knew it, their parents knew it and I knew it, so please tell me how you do not know it.

Cops have been targeting black Americans since their existence, so much so I believe that is what they were specifically hired to do and they have done an excellent job of that? Though there have been a few helpful incidents they are like a mountain to a molehill in comparison to the violence and abuse American cops have brought against Black America. The relationship is more like a terrorists.

No matter how human a cop is off duty, he becomes this larger than life gunman when puts on a badge -- coward. You get tired of seeing their wicked asses being exonerated from racially motivated crimes they commit. You get tired of them being public servants for White supremacist America. You get tired of them targeting black Americans and taking them down our women and children as we stand by helpless. You get tired of the double standards. You get tired of acting like you like police when you know you don't and there's a good reason for it. You get tired of them ignoring white communities and patrolling, harassing, being a forever presence in Black communities provoking even more crime. You get tired of them dominating your people while letting others go. Black cops follow the instructions of white cops.

American cops have evolved into greater criminals than the worse criminals they are hired to police and that is because they use the badge and gun to do their thinking. It is either their way or the highway but they expect you to be submissive. You get what you give.

Why are cops called pigs, when did that change?


I do not remember a time when I was stopped by a nice cop, but I remember several nasty and low-down encounters, like I was not a citizen. Even the black ones are nasty.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!