The Dallas Police Shooting is Justified

Are you surprised are you shocked, the explanation?

Cops, all over America, "killing innocent Black Americans" is nothing new, but new is, the first time since about the Nat Turner rebellion era blacks are defending themselves.

Headlines like: 5 officers shot dead, 6 wounded at Dallas protest... Gunfire erupts at anti-police brutality rally in Dallas... a gunman involved in a shootout with police at a parking garage near the shootings took his own life...local leaders say relationship between police, community is strengthening...police had rejected their call to make a public announcement exonerating them...12 officers shot, 5 wounded; a sniper targeted police officers during a protest of the fatal shooting of two African-American men in Louisiana.

The Explanation: No explanation is needed, if you do not understand you are as much apart of the problem as those who commit racially motivated crimes. Is an explanation needed for an abused child who retaliates against their abusive parents? Even an animal will only take so much abuse for so long. 

It is past due, if it is justified for Americans to kill terrorists abroad, then it is justified for Black Americans to kill terrorists in America and police to Black Americans are nothing more or less than terrorists and I am sure police feel the same. The problem is us hypocrites who profit from such injustices. The problem is those of us who turn a blind eye to the racist, white supremacist bullshit going on in America. The problem is those of us who want to act like things have gotten better, when they have gotten significantly worse. The problem is those of us who go along to get alone, when we know Black Americans are being mistreated by White Americans, always was, still is and always will be,,, until Black Americans Change. Because white America has no incentive to change when nobody's complaining, being paid hush money, turning a blind eye, profiting... Racism in America is big business and White America is not about to "give-up-their-niggers".

The caliber of police hired today is indicative of what happened in Dallas and in the rest of America. They have no respect for self and hide behind their own bogus ass laws, badges and we have accepted this. Protect and serve??? protect and serve who??? Karma, they are only getting back what they dish out. 

Are Black Americans a people or are we individuals. White Americans treat Black Americans as individuals and that is how they cover all their abusive bullshit. It is still apart the Willie Lynch bullshit, good nigger pitted against bad niggers. Treat one nigger good to keep the rest in line and niggers have fallen for this celebrity bullshit until they cannot take it any more and I don't give a damn about what the law says because it is specifically designed against Black Americans. You tell me what White American follows the law; they make laws and loopholes? Texas Police Draws Gun on Pool party teens! They are notorious liars, always was, still is and.... We know, you know and a human being can only take so much of this abusive bullshit.

I have warned of incidents like this for I don't know how long and nobody gave a shit about prevention. Racial tension Escalating in America , hatred and racism in America The Inhumane Treatment of African Americans,

Racism,  Violence, Racism, Hatred for Freedom and Peace,

Am I A Racist

Police Brutality In America 2014

The Worst Cities in Georgia

Black Women and Police Brutality

Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge

SWAT Team, Macon, Georgia ....

This shit ain't no surprise and very much deserved. But now this incident has taken place, all the wannabees and real white supremacists are masterminding another trick to keep black americans in the inhumane treatment category, submissive, good niggers, because White America and Black America, police do not want a cure. Do you realize how fucking corrupt, intimidating, deceitful, provoking cops are, I am the proof; and yet we act like nothing happened? I believe them to be more corrupt than the criminals they chase.

Siding with police, an American under our system of equality, law and order - and traditional patriotic spirit - or you're not. nock off the hyphenation of who we are... Do you really understand our violent and abusive history, especially when Blacks Americans could not fight back, when Native Americans could not fight back, when women could not fight back...? You tell me who are the real thugs... equality, law and order for who?

The Dallas Shooter is no sniper, no cop killer, no criminal, no terrorist, but a noble black man, a courageous freedom fighter, a hero for those denied, those who do not have sense enough to know they are denied and those too intimidated... He is another Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad, no matter his race or other demographics.

Why do not police police themselves? Why do they target black folks, black communities, black men, women and children? They do not give a damn! This man was only doing, what any decent human being would do, if they knew what was going on. The man was only doing what even the first Negro President is afraid to do and that is "stand up to white supremacist America" for Black Americans as a people, not an individual. How can you expect White America to understand this more than you,,, but they do.

Yes, the plight of Black Americans in America is at an all time low and this is light to what is about to happen. Like the man said, like it or not, " the end is near" and took his own life. "Announcing how the suspect was killed???"

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The best info is the info we share!