Nagging And Preaching

Naggin Ass People- Negative Relationships

How do you know and what do you do? Why do we fight?

A quest for (((The Center of Attention))), naggin and preaching where are you going and what are you building? How can you do that with all this negative energy? Do Black Folk just give off negative energy?

Ever experienced a beautiful sunshiny day? Not a cloud in view and you’re sitting there enjoying it, all positive energy; when out of the blue a mother fucker comes along wanting to pick a fight? Somebody is always looking for a fight.

Now, I’m sure some of you more sophisticated pimps, hustlers and whores would not admit that and nor would you put it in those terms and that is why you probably got your ass whipped, meaning they keep on trying you? What do you call a man who’s pussy whipped? I have been meaning to ask these questions: Why do we speak two different languages? Why do you act one way to me and another to others? Why do you say one thing and do another?

If they can’t drag you off into their pits of hell, it’s your fault. They explain to you how they are able to give you their undivided attention but you aren’t… All about how they can’t do what they’re supposed to all because of you. That you cannot give quality time, but they can… They drag you into a spot in which you don’t what to be.

sHe’s in a screwed up mood and they turn into somebody with whom you are not familiar. How early should a person start dating after divorce? Are you really ready for someone else in your life? Why can you go and do everything else, but now I’m your problem?

Think about this shit for a minute. I’m going to be me. Too many idiosyncrasies? negative energy? Pity party? I’m a victim… Why do you keep trying to look good for somebody else?

Why are you so concerned about who I see, what I do, who I have at my house and call that out of respect...Should even a married person have to explain all that shit? Where is the unconditional love? Where is the Village? The accept them for who they are? Or is that until you are "pussy whipped"?

Once you have sex with a man, what does that mean, especially if you're over fifty? Should all the people in nursing homes...

Naggin Ass People worry the hell out of you for no apparent reason. The question is how do you give someone your undevided attention, but the real question is, why do they keep losing it?

In the name of peace and prosperity, what happened to the Golden Rule and are you a winner? Are you tired of being preached at? A whole lot of negative energy is being generated, but nothing good being accomplished. You already know! You cannot retrain a grown person.

This shit keeps us stagnant and that is why we cannot get anywhere in our businesses and it is because of what we do in our personal lives. Remember, it's a sunshiny day!

How do I know because naggin and preaching was not tolerated in our house.

(((your inner

How do stop a fight?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!