Pimps, Hustlers and Whores

You wouldn't admit it would you? Are you serious? How does it feel getting screwed?

Pimps, Hustlers and Whores

Where are they? Are you involved? Are you supporting this behavior?

How do you know a Pimp, Hustler and/or Whore? Are they real? Are they in our schools, churches, government???

If you do not admit it, how can you fix it? Where is the love and how? People know things change, but why aren’t they not open for change? Why would you not want to see, in particular, a black man on top, at the top for one time in America? Why will not we let it be so? Does that tell you anything?

IF they do not like Barack Obama why would they like your ass? Why are we so easily fooled, in particular Black Folk? How many times must they beat your ass down before you stand up? What kind of pimp, hustler or whore are you?

People know what's going on, but are afraid to say a damn thing and then you will talk about me. Above all that, we lie about every damn. Who can you trust or depend upon?

Why would you be embarrassed to admit being a Pimp, Hustler or Whore, when you would happily admit to being a Saint?

What’s a Saint? Would you be lying to yourself? What exactly do you hate about being a pimp, hustler or whore? Do you do any of those things?

Why are men supposed to open doors for women, get the bill, treat them with respect, when we do just the opposite? This country, America was built upon the principles of Pimps, Hustlers and Whores and still operates that way. You will not find that in a book, but is it true? Is it factual? The crazy thing about that all is we made it illegal?

How do you earn respect when you do not respect yourself? Who's the guilty one, those who admit or those who deny?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Debtor's prison on the rise?

420 Smoke Out

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