New Year Prediction 2014

Interesting! Ever think about how silly you really are? Easier and "MOORE".

People want easier, moore of it, right now. They are sich-n-tired of waiting. So, why don't we have this now?

Do I tell the truth or what? What 's so fucking exciting about telling the truth for once? Who gave meaning to the profane words and why did they give such meaning? Today, I give them a new meaning.

Couldn't we just tell a tiny bit of truth for just one millisecond? This shit is so ridiculous, it ain't even funny? I was talking with my Sheriff today, do you think he was telling the truth or lying out of his ass? Now, I'm supposed to believe that shit? I don't know but my Sheriff has been Sheriff of over ten years and I have yet to see him tell the truth, and yet we're supposed to honor and respect a character like this. And the example we set holding him in high regard? Who comes to our schools on security day and who are our peace keeping folk in our communities, then you ask yourself, why is the crime rate skyrocketing at such an alarming rate and level? Does it even make sense, is there any connection to the notion that if they were remotely doing their jobs, well if they were even the slightest bit effective things would be a lot more efficient? You think of all the police and different kind of security agencies we employ and yet crime continues to soar out of control? These are people hired to protect and serve their own kind, yet they're their greatest enemy? Police hate people and people hate police, that's a double edge sword isn't it? Which means the police has to hate themselves and they're in a lose, lose situation? What would happen if there was no more crime to fight? Would they create more or would they be happy at peace? Now, if the police force is keeping up all this aggravation, then who are the armed forces fighting, why? Are they fighting to keep a peaceful, well intended force from breaking up all this chaos and confusion?  Would you send your child to such a school?

I'm doing everything I can so this may rise to the top, not because I want credit, but because I know that is where truth and the best character is suppose to be.

What about our lending agencies, do they tell you the truth, is there a difference between perfection and truth? Does telling the truth anyway mean suggesting being perfect? Is being perfect or thinking you're being perfect a good thing?

What about all these rankings we give things and our dumb asses don't even know.... all in the name of PROFIT. But they're "always right and I'm always wrong"? How many years can this go on? I'm a liar and you're the truth, I know nothing but your dumb ass know everything, well that you think are important anyway? Now, that is your truth, but I can have none. I can't earn shit, unless it profits you,,,first.

Why would anyone want to predict anything any more, when you already know? Why would you need to predict that?

We've been sooo wrong for so long now, we think that's right. You can not tell us we cannot justify blowing up your ass? Even though we swear and act like we live by the Bible that say, "thou shall NOT kill"? But we in our "pea minded" brains can twist that to say "burn baby burn".

And if there was a storm on the horizon? Who would be the first from us to profit? They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so exactly what are we doing?

You want and honest prediction, now? Will racial tensions get any better? Why am I so concerned? Have you noticed the qualifications of our police today?  I joined the United States Army for a reason, so are you saying my reason was not and still not valid?

Will internal turmoil get any better between races and racists? Will our men and women learn how to treat men, women and children with greater respect? Not this phony kind since the beginning of Thanksgiving; but rape, violence and abuse?

Will the my words be my bond?

Your first paragraph ... There so much room for significant improvement, but we ain't going to do it, NO WAY!

So, I predict it's going to be even harder which makes it easier for me to get the job done.

(((your inner


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!