Thinking Straight

What are you doing, depression, enjoyment are in the middle?

Is the classroom making us better or worse, what about the middle ground? What are your standards?

Is the best you have the best you can get or the best they can give to you? For whom are you working and are they doing a good job? Do they care about anything above a dollar? Is quality assurance really quality assurance? What are we going to do about this? How long does a child really need his mother?

We all had what we thought was a friend. But are we really befriending self? If they ain't no good for you what good are they to anything? What good are we to each other? Why don't things "just flow"?

We awaken every morning facing that question, wondering how our day is going to be? You have great aspirations, but it's just not where you can see. Even though we have signs pointing the way, we just can see the whole picture.

Though we tell ourselves to be good, kind... we know as soon as we step outside our doors what the world is going to be. Everybody will be trying to get into your pockets, denying those who have nothing. I do what them but I just haven't had time to get them, so please, don't give my glasses away.

We just don't take time to see the big picture. What going to happen with all these high ass prices, everything made in China (might not be a bad thing), jobs dwindling, so what's happening to our relationships? What do you have against dating outside your race, yet you want equality. It's okay to date within your gender, but not outside your race. t's  okay to have slavery, even though you don't want to know you neighbor.... Why couldn't we see, why didn't we know all this bullshit was going to bring us to a dreadful demise. Is that what happens when you say one thing and do another? And you wonder why there's so much death, destruction, violence and abuse? Can't think straight, can't tell you, simple is made even more complicated.

What can you eat or drink without feeling guilty, thems a whole bunch of guilty feelings. Somebody is going to have to pick more cotton to get us back on track or you'll have to set and maintain your own standards.

(((your inner

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They ain't did shit, but it's all about what they said to help you and to stop them: Offer and Compromise - Your Inner Voice. It makes you ask the question, "why can't nobody help our sorry asses?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!