Parents hiding from Children

What will or won't your child do?

Why economic and social decline or is that what they want you to think?

We're too quick to stand up for our children and our childern are too quick to stand up for their parents. Is it because we're standing for the wrong reasons.

We should feel a great sense of loyalty towards each other, but what good is it when it's for the wrong reasons.

On a routine basic parents and children are playing Hide-n-go-Seek from each other. As soon as something serious happens we are easily offend, become very aggressive and ready to attack.

Why aren't we as aggrressive all the time, so these violent moments will be less likely?

The best compliment a person can give is to emulate you. So why are we hiding from our children and our children hiding from us on a routine basis?

Why do you tell yourself, there are somethings you do that your child is not supposed to see? Why do you build such walls between each other?

Should your children not see you go to the toilet? Should you children not see you having sex in bed? Should your children not see you smoking, joking, having fun? Should our children not grow up faster?

Is it the slower you grow, the better you are? Why don't we openly and honestly communicate with our children, no matter how young or old? What does age have to do with it?

It happens when we become self absorbed in our own little worlds, listening to the wrong people telling us how to raise our children.

Should they listen to adult conversation? The old fashion way is what brought us to where we are today,,,Are  you right or wrong.

Due to all our the disaggreements between parents, children, teachers, preachers, courts... we can't raise our own children, hence DFCS... That is why Home Schooling is coming back.

Stress, we wouldn't have to beat our children if not for all these disagreement. 

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 Frustration causes Success


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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