voodoo man

Frustration is deadly and today, we are living in a very frustrated world. Call it voodoo man image. How easy is it too scam us out of everything?

Above is my voodoo man and it is working. If feel like voodoo has been cast upon you? See what I am talking about. I know everyone has to be able to see through this thin smoke screen.

I’m okay, you’re okay, but what they don’t tell you is, being ok just will not cut it. Why be okay? Why not strive to be your very best? When does your best end, where? What are your weaknesses? What do you have to do in order to prosper and profit in this world- Frustration? Do you know, can you imagine all the suffering, pain, trickery and you tell me that makes for a happy life? Is your life upside down, is that why our economy …is? Just another something they want you to be frustrated about. Please, do not raise any problems without solutions?

There are people out there who understand, can see and are not afraid to speak the truth about what they think and see. Some won’t say a thing? Today, a man took an unnecessary chance at killing himself and me. It was a close call, all because he was in too big of a hurry to pass, causing a near head-on collision and taking his frustrations out on the auto in front of him! He knew it was going to be a close call. I could see it in his devilish eyes, as we passed in horror.

Some thoughts and behaviors come to mind, beating your fist against a wall or table, you know just how and where to throw your little temper tantrums-Road rage? See how easily we are frustrated, the faster we go, the faster we want to go and who is going along for the ride, for you are going to hell too?

What business strategy do you propose to pull this economy out of a recession? Are people becoming more or less frustrated? What do you think and for what are you waiting? Think about that for just one more second, for what am I waiting? Like being on a sinking ship, where is the help? What about banging your head, sleeping and eating disorders?

Do you really want to know how seriously frustrated people really are, all the different forms of abuse, self and otherwise??? In how much debt are you willing to get, for the same old same old? You know its’ getting us nowhere, be serious with yourself? Exactly, how did you become so wealthy? You envaded, stole and are selling this land. You do not care and the is the attitude, no money, there is nothing. A fancy car, house and a three piece monkey suit, cannot save you and going along for the ride is bringing even more images of horror.

Sometimes I find myself mopping over something that is irritating me, like the haves and have nots? But when I really think about things, I am very blessed, until I think of what I must do in order to profit in this society, not prosper, but profit?

You spend years together having fun, doing everything together. Then all of a sudden something horrific happens, all dies or a few walk away alive. Time is a killer!

YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED UNTIL YOU HAVE had a close call with death. FOR THOSE WHO have, livng becomes more important. ALERT TODAY ALIVE TOMORROW!

Suddenly, the monument wasn't just a big old piece of metal with a flag sticking out of the top. It came to life before our eyes with the heartfelt words of a son who did indeed have a father who was a hero. Maybe not a hero for the reasons most people would believe, but a hero nonetheless.

We need to remember that God created this vast and glorious world in for us to live freely, but also at a great sacrifice. It really would not be as frustrating, if it was not for what people do to other people. Where is prayer?

Let us never forget. Remember to pray praises for this great country of ours and also pray for those still in murderous unrest around the world.

STOP and thank God for being alive and being free at someone else's expense.

Nobody has time and they know it. By their actions, They know they are hell bound. People who are going to hell know it. Only a fool wouldn't? You know very well when you are mistreating anyone. You know when you do not know about what you are talking. You are just saying words that tickle the ears.

How can our children learn, if we do not teach them? Who do they respect, who do they thank for educating them, teaching them the ropes and things that will save their souls? Do our youth have time for us, do they respect us? Why not? Who are you trying to fool?

We make ourselves too high on the hog? We take credit for prolonging life, but really, WHAT KIND OF LIFE ARE WE PROLONGING, when everything is frustrating? You are supposed to look forward to your senior years. Frustration and then, comes confusion, chaos, big bang! How long can we keep fooling ourselves? How long can we keep helping Africa and things just seem to get worse, aparthied?

A fellow once told me, There are just two kinds of people, rich and poor. I beg to differ, it is good and bad. Well, if everybody was good? Are you a phony? Are you really helping your neighbor or helping yourself? Why is the crime rate so high and growing? What are you going to do about it? To what kind of end will it lead?

Don't go there, Art, but sometimes I think about all the frustration about gender? How can you not like what your body gave you? How can you deny it? Frustration, confusion, chaos,,,big BANG! RELATIONSHIPS??? With whom? Do you really know yourself, the difference between your needs and wants? We've got a drug for everything, then we wonder why drug abuse is such a problem,,,go figure? Start at the top. There are our medical professionals, for whom we are supposed to be most grateful, but what a price do we pay? The ethical and moral side of things, they are supposed to be the utmost. Our lawyers and you wonder why crime is so high and our jails are overflowing,,,our system of administering justice, our penal system?

Freedom of speech works very well, but true freedom is a whole nother ball park. Our mouths say one thing and our asses do another. Scams are everywhere, who do you trust, who do you believe? When you act like you do not know, that is...


7 Things not to do on Facebook? Indentity theft... Who's stealing whose identity? The people who are good, you don't mention them, they are just okay, not news worthy, but stealing, killing and destroying are and why is it on the rise?

I love all people, but from where came all the Indians, Mexicans, Chinese, Korean, British, What's really going on? Ever heard the story, How Blacks enslaved themselves? Who were they following, how did we get here? What people helped to enslave us, how were negotiations made? How did they know where to find us, to what races did they consult? What is the role of black people in the New America? Are we all mixed up? Do you fit in? Where is your hope? If there were to be a large group of frustrated people in America, what race should have most, Why?

Okay, with what race are our prisons most full? Will you fit in? Why do we keep trying to fit in to something we know is a sinking ship? Are you afraid or are we lemmings? That question goes to anybody who wants to be good. We know the truth, yet we do just the opposiste. How foolish can you be? We keep telling ourselves that prices are going down, when we know they are skyrocketing out of control? How long can we last like this?

So you are exempt, you're a good boy. Well, I hope you are reading this closely, because we are all on the same ship, prisoners, oppressed, poor and rich...racists, not one better than the other. Why, if we were, all this crazy shit would not be going on. You could trust somebody. So, since none of us can be trusted..

Would you bring your child up in a world that could not be trusted? How? What good would it do?

Faith without works... We are training our people how to get out of work. We do not care what it is, as long as it works for us? How many ways can we do an American diet? Fuel, oil, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, they are exactly what we are and those are our real problems,,,consuming too fast can we go? When is the next rocket to the moon? I hope we do a better job there, than we are here...litter bug! Why do we make so much trash? To keep you informed by a people, about a people that cannot be trusted? Health care?

About health care reform, who do you believe? What was the other guys doing so wrong? It is a scary world isn't it? If terrorism doesn't get our attention, what will? Why cannot we make peace with terrorists? We make peace with everyone else-- Russia used to be our arch enemy and now? What about Vietnam, Korea, China, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Canada,,,I mean terrorists, at least that is what you call them, are too human beings.

Remember, you can not be trusted and there is somthing that just ain't right in the buttermilk? I know who my terrorists are and they ain't far away. As a matter of fact, they have been lying to me the whole time. Makes me think about the lion that adopted the fawn for a cub and the cub learned to accept it. It did not change a thing, they were the only two odd balls, the lion couldn't eat and neither could the cub; the better of two evils? The fawn, as young as it was, had more sense than the adult lion. It was saying; you won't eat me, feed me nor let me go.

Going to hell, the state of being FRUSTRATED is hell! Who do you believe? Where can it be any worse? Do we respect our seniors?

wHO has the best insurance plan? Is company profits or your protection, the number one priority? We can not even drive an auto without insurance, no matter how few accidents you have? No fishing without a license? How high will rates go? How much, how long can a poor people be taken the advantage of?

Just backwards, we've got the wrong people in the wrong places. Entrepreneurs, who know how to help a people, not take advantage of them? Where are they? Practicality? It is not our systems, it is our people.

Do we respect our seniors? How much is a cup of free water these days? Are we making it cleaner or dirtier? In good conscience, in good faith, how can you charge for a cup of free drinking water?


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