People who hate Rap Music

Music haters, if you knew anything about music you would not publicly make such stupid or racist motivated statements and here's why...

How this attitude instills the very violence and abuse they say they hate in Rap Music?

More and more people, especially white women are opening denouncing rap music  by saying, “they hate Rap Music”. They claim it to be very offensive, but is it more offensive than the act of publicly denouncing a whole music genre?

The character of these music haters are less than the character of the people who product the music they hate and that is the reason why. Then, these music haters expect you to accept their type of music, no matter how offensive it maybe to you. They fail to see the other side.

This negative music push is being led by trashy ass white women seeking favor from their white supremacist ass men and black women wanna bees, closely followed by black men wanna bees.

I went to predominantly white schools where they reveled in rebel and country music, but I never openly stated, “I hated their music”, even though it was very offensive to me and my race. There is a message in every music. There are just as many music styles as there are people, why hate anyone of them because your stupid ass is too closed minded to listen or excuse your ignorance?

How can these same haters publicly denounce any music, when their music of choice is more derogatory than any other? Do you really listen to the star spangled banner? Is it what they say it is?

Then, how do Black people join on this hypocritical bandwagon against a music predominantly produced by their own people? Are we "Bill Cosby's"?

(((your inner

Rap Music

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!