Rap Music, is it hurting the Black community

Is it as harmful as the subliminal messages in ads, cartoons...?

Rap Music, is it hurting any community? Why? Is there anyone with anything to be hurting about and if so, what better way to express it than in music? I hear, what I consider to be offensive communications and music daily, but is it hurting the people who do like it; and if I think so, do I have the right to deny them? 

Is there a message without your knowledge, other than hating? 

Music is an important source of income for artists and their cause, some good and some bad. Music is also used to attract people to a certain cause, good and bad, pain and/or pleasure.  

I heard someone say Rap music has hurt the Black community, but I think not, not more than we have hurt ourselves. Where is our sense of values, loyalty and commitment; and to whom? Why do we blame others for our own inadequacies and why do we feel the need to be approved by others? Is it because we cannot be trusted and belong to others? You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin?

Is it the music, the people behind the music, the people behind the cause or a combination of all of the above? What about music predicated on racism, has it hurt supremacist groups? Have guns hurt Americans more than Rap music hurting the Black community? 

Now, the world is gone, I’m just one. People who hate music are deaf, dumb, blind and unable to die.

They say music is good for the soul and nothing about it hurting any community. Seek to understand and then seek to be understood.

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Suggestive Thinking and Subliminal Messages

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!