Perception and Reality

I gotta figure this out, am I ever going to win!

Why is everyone vying to have more influence over my life that I do?

Do others see you the way you see yourself or do they see what really is? So, is this why we spend so much time and effort in fashion? I’m thinking of people who have no mirrors depend more on what their friends think. What you perceive and what actually is are two different things, and if they were to actually meet you they might think differently.

When you’re being spied upon, with all the latest technology it’s increasingly easier to do and couple that with our nosey nature and you have a match. Binoculars, cameras, computers, phones, tv, radio, lights… we’re just one big signal which can be picked up by any receiver. These are all tools we’ve developed to make our lives a bit less complicated feeling empowered and happy.

What’s the problem with spying? It’s not the spying itself, it’s what’s done with the information received and just like with everything else, we abuse it which puts your Safety and Security at greater risk. If you just take phones alone, look at all the stupid stuff having a phone makes us do. So the more of this technology shit we misuse the more detrimental we are to each other – stressed and frustrated.

And you wonder why our safety and security is compromised. We can never sell you enough home security shit and home is where it all starts. The fashion bug causes us to seek for approval from without, knowing others don’t see you as you see yourself. Think about this: These are all friends and family.

Perception and Reality, did you chose this condition or was it thrust upon you? REality matters less than the perception of control we feel.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!