Police Brutality in America

Does this Ferguson Shit surprise you? Didn't you know there's a competition between cops and criminals?

Whose bringing order and peace to this troubled community? How in the hell did the community become troubled in the first place? How fucked up does it need to get before we decide to straighten our monkey asses out?

Cops want attention and this attention is "whatever it takes to be more notorious than the criminals they act like they want to catch". This quest for fame and fortune stops at nothing and has led the way to some of most under handed policemen and police work known today. They get away with murder, just like lawyers, doctors get away with robbing the hell out of you.

Does this Ferguson, Mo. bullshit really surprise you? Is it long overdue? People locking arms and standing between police and protesters to keep what peace? If there was peace there would be no need for protest. The shit is the same all over America, always have been. What did Gen. Sherman do? We always get shit confused.  

Reason for Protest - Your Inner Voice

90- year-old Holocaust Survivor jailed! We're just doing our jobs and If we let you go... Those are the words of our policeman these days. Well, what's the difference in that and all that looting shit and any other common criminal? Is that pay that good or do you call this duty, honor, country?

Police brutality in America is atrocious and getting worse. It’s the great American Stand-off between The Police vs. The People the police are hired to serve. You’re in a precarious situation. If you talk bad about the police then you’re considered disrespectful, ungrateful... and they’re inclined to fight back. However, the police can stop you and put you through all kind of grueling exercises and there’s nothing you can do, if innocent.

I've never been to jail, I’m a professional driver, retired Army and was driving in an unfamiliar area when I was pulled over by two cops in the same car. I call it driving while black. The two young men said I made a bad drive, asked me to get out, handcuffed me and put me in the back seat of the patrol car. They were nasty and nice, claiming they needed to make sure they couldn't find anything on me. While I was being detained they checked my car to see if they could find any reason to further detain me. As they chatted with one another, they kept saying, “if we let him go”. After about 15 minutes the took off the cuffs and let me go.

Though you stopped me for making a bad drive, now you’re searching my car for drugs, alcohol, guns, knives… anything you can use against me. Though I wouldn't have like it, I would have preferred to be given a ticket than handcuffed and placed in the back seat. All of this while I had a female friend in the car. Humiliating! Why not a little slap on the hand, while everybody makes a bad drive and the crime did not match the punishment, especially when it comes to race. Why are cops over-reacting?

I know nothing about criminals, don’t hang around them, but my encounters with cops leaves something to be desired. Todays Cops are the fucking ass holes of the earth. I ain’t never seen a cop doing anything worth a shit, unless it was an emergency. They’re constantly setting up traps to trap people. Why hide? Why are you fucking speeding all the time, especially in neighborhoods and even more especially in poor black neighborhoods? Zero tolerance, what the fuck is that? The cops are provoking the very people they’re is worn to serve.

The other half of this corrupted justice system is “our cops are nothing less than guns and badges hired by special interest groups to reek havoc on our children and poor” while the "big wigs" get away with larger crimes.

It’s the mentality of cops today and that mentality is “I am just doing my job”. Further, we the people have armed and deputized some of the most low-down "mother fucking people" for cops.

Cops in America, we have more cops than ever before, yet more crime than ever before. Make sense of this shit, don’t this tell you any fucking thing? If you only look at one thing, one aspect of all this police bullshit and that is the money we spend on police protection... and the shit just gets worse. So you know what's coming, where we're headed... How can we survive such stupid bullshit?

And they call me an angry black man!

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!