Political platforms built upon the demise of others

 He is further recognized as an expert in homicide investigation and death penalty prosecutions. One of his most noted high profile cases, and there have been many, was his leadership in the investigation and successful prosecution of the infamous Dwight (Malachi) York, leader of the cult mostly known as the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. That case was certainly the biggest child molestation case in the history of Georgia, if not the nation. His success in criminal investigations is quite simply beyond equal; just ask any of your neighboring sheriffs.


(Malachi) York, Nuwaubian, leader of the cult? Which cult???

I’m compelled to comment here, not because I am a “groupie or anything” but because I am a fellow human being concerned about truth and there’s much more to this story than what’s being told here and I question the mention of the Nuwaubian movement as cult and the biggest child molestation case in the history of Georgia, if not the nation. What exactly is child molestation and why do we have a DFCS?

Was Malachi York the biggest criminal in Putnam County, the history of Georgia? If you say this, then why? Did he try to flee the scene, was he armed, did he steal, kill or destroy?

Now, where are the perpetrators of the Unsolved beheading of elderly Georgia man continues to baffle authorities and the “cold bloody murder of his wife living a remarkably simple lifestyle”??? The unsolved beheading of a retiree and the killing of his elderly wife has so rattled their gated, lakeside Georgia community that neighbors are casting about for even outlandish explanations. Was it a mob hit? A drug dealer? A hungry alligator?

York is Black man, didn’t try to resist, hide, shoot back and was sentenced to (((135 years prison time))) and you take pride in that?? The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors was predominately Black, peaceful and a caring bunch, where do you get "cult"? I do not know of a Black cult ever existing in America and you know why.

Then there’s the beheading of Russel Dermond whose head still has not been found and the murder of his wife Shirley, all of which was a Lake Oconee double murder and she was weighted down with cement blocks. This was a White crime of which the latest status is: “I don’t know, still unresolved”.  Who gets the credit for this?  How does this look?


Which crime is the most heinous and deserves to be referred to as his most noted high profile case and is still UNSOLVED, why? If you refer to Malachi York, “screwing kids”  as “one of the biggest criminals” in Putnam County and the state of Georgia then what do you call the “beheading and murdering an elderly couple”? If you still believe York is… then you might want to expand your investigations to include racism, same-sex, Priests, religious figures, incest, human trafficking…  and you can investigate more places like facebook, tweeter… for people you are “least likely” to suspect and I’m sure you will find the culprit(s).

More indicators: Are the Moors, the Nuwabians, more of a threat to better American living and life than (((East Indians, Mexicans, White supremacists…the murderers of elderly people)))??? Why don't you mention your efforts to detect and deter crimes committed by these groups, and you and I know Putnam county, like the state of Georgia, is a safe-haven, a strong-hold for White supremacists, violence and abuse; and that is because they are simply ignored, denied and/or intimidated?

All this talk about homicides, death penalties, punishments,only intimidates; how does this boost morale? What does morale mean: Morale (also known as esprit de corps) Of or concerned with the judgment of right and wrong of human action and character, the spirit of a group which causes them to succeed. It's a sense of well-being, , confidence, usefulness with a greater sense of purpose. 

Which crime most accurately fits the description and/or category of:  expert in homicide investigation and death penalty prosecutions???

An expert in homicide investigation and death penalty prosecutions “accolades”, with the mob hit man? Drug dealer? Hungry alligator? Still on the loose, UNSOLVED? There’s York and there’s what was actually going on and it did not include murder.

Sincere impartiality, a proven record of professionalism and leadership and has met every challenge and danger of his career, how does “I don’t know" sound? 

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!