What is the profile of an American Racist?

There is racial profiling but what is the profile of an American racist?

Do we have hatred and racism in America and is this an acceptable level of hatred and racism? Then, why do law enforcement officials target individuals for suspicion of crime based on race, religion, ethnicity, or origin and who are they protecting? What race is targeted and by what race? Are they right or should it be just the opposite? Which group of people is most likely to be intimidated by the other?Which group is more justified in their fear of the other? Knowing all of this, why is it just the opposite?

If hatred and racism is a crime or forbidden what is the profile of a racist in America?

We have profiles of Blacks, Terrorists and we are able to identify these people as violators and murder them, why are not we able to identify racists in America?

As devastating and prevalent as hatred and racism is in America, it is only natural we would have a process established to identify racist cells and disrupt their activities. No, but our focus is on doing just that for other countries.

How do we expect to rid ourselves of a problem we do not acknowledge? What color is a racist? Where do they operate? What group do they most often target?

As law enforcement is able to identify Black communities as potential high crime communities, why are not we able to identify communities most prone to hatred and racism? As they can identify gang related activities and pinpoint these activities before they are a threat to general population, why are not we able to do the same with racists? Why do not we have increased police presence in communities most likely commit crimes of hatred and racism to better protect innocent Americans?

How does our law enforcement get away with adding more insult to injury by further harassing victims and what is this doing for perpetrators? Why do Black Americans move from their own communities and join forces with communities most likely to engage in hatred and racism against their own people?

How do you trust their communities more than you trust your own? Why are we apt to accept handouts from our most likely adversaries than we do from our own people?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!