In Prayer keep alert. Why...How often...Where does prayer start

Encountering joy and love, meeting with trial and tribulation, such are the paths through life.

Pray continuously, never stop, never lose focus, never take your eyes off the prize, always stay connected Spiritiually.

Parents used to teach their children how to pray at home. Do you have somebody who agrees? Can you find somebody? When you do, then pray together. For where these two or three are gathered together in prayer, there am I in the midst.

If two of you agree on earth as touching anything, that you should ask?

You can do what you want, but when somebody says let us stop to pray or let us bow our heads in prayer, I am already praying, never stopped? Praying people gathered together.

In Prayer keep alert! and Seven things to know about prayer.

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What does Amen mean?

Exactly what will it take for Be more! Do more! Have more! to HAPPEN?

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