President Obama  out of touch with the plight of African Americans

African-Americans scared to say because he is the first African-American president. Grid-lock.

A certain group of White Americans who are just waiting for any opportunity to prove President Obama is just another nigger slipping in trying to give power to Black Americans, as if Black people are not in need of help. Do Black Americans deserve power in the democratic process, if we don't have it, is this democratic?

President Obama  out of touch with the plight of African Americans...

Putin- Obama Talk Results, Obama and Iran’s foreign minister, Obama meets Castro a second time, Obama for immigrants, Obama Same Sex, Obama on terrorism, Obama helps evil banks… Obama for anybody other than the people who need it most. Where is the Obama talks with people like Art Thomas, am I the only one? Do I not understand? Am I asking for too much, more than others?

It’s amazing how my first ever President can achieve all these results with foreign dignitaries, but can’t do shit for the struggles of his own people at home. What good is being in touch when you can’t do shit? What good is being in touch when the disparity in income grows faster and wider by the day?

Some have peeped this, but for obvious reasons both sides are not willing to grab the bull by the horns. There are always excuses and higher priorities to ignore real problems facing America and Americans. We understand how sensitive the subject of race relations are in America, but if you can so overtly “go to bat” for all these other priorities, why can’t you tackle the root of the problem at hand?  

As terrorism looms out of control in America, what good are you doing fighting the battle of all the others? How is that going to help the problem at hand?  Continue reading "Is there any honor in a Black American President"

A major reason why the issue of the struggle for Black Americans is not being addresses is because it has been silenced by the election of the First Black President. It has been dropped further back due to the election of a Black President. Problems facing Black Americans have been smothered by other lesser important priorities in order not to arouse the suspicion of its culprits. Gridlocked and this is effecting all the other major problems going on in America today.

What would happen if President Obama “grabbed the bull by the horns”? He would quickly learn, “he’s just another nigger going along to get along”. I too am very honored to have the first Black American president, but what good is the first Black American President when his hands are too tied to help his own people? What good does it do for me to help all other families while neglecting my own? What good is it when he must ignore me, even more than before? The change has only been for the worse. With him I know more but can do even less.

Do Black Americans deserve any remorse for how America treats us or is that our own fault? Are these problems real or just my imagination? If Senator Byrd recognizes but excuses it with we're improving, why in the hell would I care about relations with foreign groups?

When the safety and security of White Americans are even perceived to be threatened, whose the first to threaten military intervention? When the safety and security of Black America is even brought up, whose the first to "run-off at the mouth"? He's just like the rest of us, now we have the power, what do we do, Jump to the other side.

What people have suffered most under the first Black American President? Business as usual, People of Color and he expects us to take it in silence because he managed to slip through.

This quest should not just be limited to the struggle of gender, race, immigration, guns and gold, but for the human rights of ALL People and that's my point. Until America recognizes the hurt, harm and danger she brings to her own these dangerous systemic problems will continue. We must recognize what we're doing to people who are most deserving, the indigenous and African-Americans. White people are the ones calling the shots and I know they realize that.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!