Tests to pass school and Life

Test to pass school flunks students out of life? Learning disabled.

If you fail your tests in school, then what? How long can you stay in school to pass required tests and what do we do with those who can't pass? How long can you teach materials before teaching the test? What options are available for children not capable of passing said tests and why apply so much pressure to pass a test which has nothing to do with life?

If a student does not pass a test, will we flunk them out of life? Why classify them as "learning disabled"?

Learning disable ruins children for life and is certainly another unnecessary barrier to becoming a productive citizen.

We act like children failing to pass tests are a teacher problem, instead of a natural occurrence. We apply all this pressure to teachers to accomplish the impossible when none is applied to parents to be good parents. Where is the rule that says, "if you have'em, you both must raise them"? Why is it easier to get a divorce than it is to encourage parents to be responsible for their actions? We've got the bull by the horns and refuse to let go and when someone is seriously injured we blame the bull.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!