Problem with Marriage in America

Just like with relationships, people do not know how to be married. What this cartoon is really saying is, "they used to fix it for one group of people but not for all" and now all that shit is coming back to haunt us. From the people which we could learn, we befriended, betrayed and destroyed!

The primary reason for marriage is for the sake of family, but that's not enough and who's family? Remember, my family was raised under some of the most inhumane conditions known to man and we're in a serious state of denial.

Americans have always had a very abusive, violent and warped double standard system of justice, now how do you grow healthy relationships out of chaos, confusion and conflict? What happened to love and happiness in all of this?

We talk about being Christian and all, but our practices are so hypocritical, it ain't funny. All we do has to do with "the dollar" so it's very difficult to know what's real.

These same problems are indicative of America's economic and social system - cronyism and corruption.

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    The best info is the info we share!

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    The best info is the info we share!