A Programmed People

Would that be YOU, YOur boss, Preachers, Politicians, Teachers, Mentors, Parents, Leaders, Professionals...??? And this is not a color thing.

Why would they all be programmed against your ass???

African Americans giving up too easy

Why would you want to help a people save themselves when they don’t want to be saved? Now, they want to be saved by Jesus Christ, but they don’t want to save their own asses? How do you deprogram a people that do not understand they’re programmed?

What if they knew they were programmed and understood how? Would they accept or reject?

How in the hell can an immigrant come to this country, obtain, own and operate a successful business, while you must qualify?

Qualifications: 12 years of school, the ability to read, write and follow instructions, punctuality and time sensitive…your entire livelihood now depends on another man and especially when that man historically has been your enemy?

The Proof: An immigrant can somehow come into your country, obtain and successfully own and operate a business, without your education, can’t speak the language for which you were trained, don’t have to meet any job criteria… He doesn’t want a job, so what’s your unemployment problem, but he can do what most of us only dream of doing, in less than a year’s time? You went to school at least twelve years to learn reading, writing and math…He hasn’t gone to school at all, can’t read, write nor do math, doesn’t care about voting nor any of that other political bullshit…???

How do you get them to understand the difference between working a job and working your own business? How do you get them to understand that it is only through successfully owning and operating businesses employment opportunities are generated?

Now, that immigrant worker is the President of the United States of America and you, and you’re looking/expecting him to do you a favor, to do something you're not willing to do for your on ass, all because he said he was African-American. Why do you feel he owes you, is a part of you, do you just take his word, why, when you don't take your own?

Even though no other African-American ever did what he did and still don't have a fucking clue yet you expect him to. Do you  a favor and the vast majority of us prosper -huh??? Remember Harriet Ross Tubman, Marcus Garvey… now compared to them,,,why do you celebrate Martin Luther King? Why do we “give up” so easily?

Especially, African- Americans give up and give in too easily when it comes to White folk. Slave mentality, we're so used to being forced, ignored, left out, prejudice...we expect it, unless you lived otherwise. Especially, African-Americans, measure their self worth through the eyes of their arch enemy. Especially, African-Americans accept official validation only through the approval of a people who have appointed themselves as a superior race to the African-American race. To get the approval of someone, anyone politically appointed, African-Americans, especially African-Americans spend their entire lives immolating a self-appointed superior enemy who historically ruled African Americans through intimidation, violence and abuse.

What do you call that? What do you call a victim immolating his enemy so he can be validated and accepted?  African Americans, especially have assimilated every aspect of their white superior enemy’s lives. Programed.

I like white folk but I like women too, but women do not own, operate nor validate me.

Whatever happened to the phrase,,,”don’t allow anyone to force you to do anything you know is wrong”? Have we become so materialistic we will allow/do anything to get it and you know you will never be accepted, no matter how good you are or how hard you try?

Now, they will accept one or two of us, but the masses??? Does education matter or do you just need more and more of it? More of an education, educating you against your own selves to make someone else rich, anyone they deem necessary? Is slavery still alive?

All in all, today is a pretty shameful day for America and especially Black America. A minority of Americans block the majority of Americans and that minority includes and supports the wealthy, violent criminals and the mentally unstable. A safer America and better protected kids are just somethings 90 percent of Americans supported but blocked by a minority. What does that tell you??? Think about your own ass...

Because Black Americans, especially African Americans give up and give in too easily and too soon and we don't stand for shit worth a shit...

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!