Deviant Behavior Within

This is not about the deviant behavior you admit, but the ones you do not and here they are??? What is your natural state of being?

Why are some idolized, deified and some not? Why put these up front and these behind?

Some like to live in clutter and some do not, but those who do always want to act like they want to live with those who do not. The vast majority of us go through life only showing one side and it’s dangerous, deadly and deceitful, and there’s no room to repent.

Ever wonder what’s wrong with you, why so little energy, angry, bored, and lonely or do you spend more time presenting what you think others want to see? With so much stress, depression, disease and illness, what happened to the purity in you, the purity, simplicity and uniqueness we admire in those from third world undeveloped countries. What have we done to ourselves in more developed countries?

Why have we masked all that’s natural inside? What was the problem with our natural state of being, where we devoted to nature and not to work for man? What happened there? How and why does your attitude go from working for yourself to it being easier and more productive to work for someone else? How, why does (((our natural state of being becomes more humiliating, while our artificial state of being becomes more acceptable)))? What happened to your thought process, your freedom? Why does the number of things you can’t do exceed the number of things you can? Why, how does abnormal exceed normal? What’s human and what’s inhumane? Why does the number of things forced upon you exceed the number of things you willingly do? Why now, the easier it gets the less you accomplish? Why are things so awry?

There are many ways to be forced into submission, just as many as there are to willingly submit, but is there a clean, safe environment to acknowledge, to repent and for deviant behavior to occur? Seven Deadly Sins

Our natural state of being is Hunger, to be filled with joy and positive energy to make every little thing alright and confidence in knowing you already have what you’re now seeking! Why do we leave this world in such a deviant mess? Is this how we get deviant behaviors, clutter?

Babies are born into this world with HUNGER and it’s upto you to feed them. Teach a man to fish. Hunger drives you, hunger feeds you and hungry you will forever be.

Having the courage and foresight to acknowledge actions and behaviors that violate social norms, that deviant space within being forbidden but never forgotten, masked and suppressed and trying to escape is like a pot of boiling water, pressure is building. Those who are able to openly acknowledge and express their deviant behaviors live well better than those who spend their time suppressing their deviant behavior. Those respecting the differences in each of us live for better than those who do not.

I embrace the deviant behavior within me.

(((your inner

The Devil, Lucifer, Satan

Leadership and Oath

Ted Haggard

Joel Osteen

Prison LIfe Horrors

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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