Questioning A White Man in America

The annoyance of White Americans with Black Americans.

Why should this be a question? If you can't question God,,, is this from where this came?

It ain't the same as questioning authority in America. One is an insult and the other is an understanding, but do white people want you to have an understanding?

Some of you are going to say there is no annoyance problem, Art, you're just starting shit and I'll question who I want but I'm here to challenge that. 

Some are going to excuse themselves because they say they can ask all the questions they want and these White folk better give them the answer... But I here to tell you White Americans, in positions of authority, are seriously annoyed when their authority is questioned.

You say, "so what" but do you have a job because you want one or do you have a job because these White folk have it designed that way? Can't you  think of a better way to show them your dismay with how they treat you/us?

We say we aren't their loyal servants but what about our records check, our credit check, job applications, progress reports, rules, regulations, laws, policies, procedures and then, there's all the shit we fail to admit?

Why has the living conditions of Black America always been of a lesser quality of that of White Americans, is it because Black Americans didn't know any better or is it because we were denied?

Do you think your home's actual value is what you paid? Why do you live in their neighborhoods, why are you concerned about their property value when you don't give a shit about yours? Do Black people make good neighbors? Then why are we running away from self instead of gravitating towards self?

Why do you give them all your quality time and me all your excuses?

If you could really question a White man there wouldn't be incidents like Ferguson. Your utilities bills would be more accurately read, we wouldn't have second hand books, wouldn't be going to White folk schools, paying white folk high as prices, taxes, predatory lending, unaffordable housing buying White folk substandard shit, dealing with a prejudice justice system and the story goes on.

I'm not sure how other people like East Indians, Asians... are able to make all the progress they do in America but the lack of progress by Black Americans is proof Black folk in America still cannot question White folk.

(((your inner

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!