Race Wars 2015

When did the war stop? Niggers and Crackers... The flags are flying like flies?

What does all this mean? When did the killing of innocent black Americans ever subside in America? Is this fact or fiction.

How can there be greater aggression/hostility between races in America than there already is? When did the people being murder ever stop complaining?

We talk about all the progress we've made over past years, while we know otherwise. I guess I need to ask: Race wars against who before I go too fast?

If your response is Black and White race wars, then the only resistance would be "like shooting chickens in a coop".  Above lying, the reason why I suspect aggression between black and white Americans would increase is because of the most recent incidents where the parties involved claimed racial retaliation. However, keep in mind, White murdering Black Americans and nothing being done is nothing new. Now, just the reverse and a lynch mob, consisting of police is enacted.

The unity we claim to be there isn't there and never was there, hence the injustices we claim to be addressing never were addressed. This is due to our own negligence. How can you address what you fail to recognize? Where do the Big Niggers in America stand on this issue? Are they as proactive as they were against places Iraq and issues like terrorism? How can you fight a war on things like terrorism, drugs, injustices the world over, yet condone and be "a number one human rights violator" in the areas of racism, slavery, women rights, domestic violence and abuse? Americans, especially Black Americans are the greatest human rights perpetrators, violators of the world. There can't be any worst "dog eat dog mentality" anywhere else in this world and we're doing it all to please our parents!

Our parents won't tell the truth, do you think having a "mandatory misleading system of education" is the most efficient and effective way to a better quality of life? Then, why do we continue to indulge? The education lie just gets bigger and bigger to its victims. Are the American government and businesses delivering on their promises to you the people? Why do we accept such rubbish?

Hence, America and Americans are the most notorious terrorists of all terrorists and we are a constant terrorist threats politically, military, technology and lying. I say this not for selfish reason, but because it is something I truly want active participant in the part of change. We're all about money and power; and don't care who we hurt, mame to get it, even using Jesus. We sacrifice our bright future and the lives of our children through the use of a dysfunctional educational system.

We know it is "no good and does not productive productive citizens like what we're experiencing. There's no working together, in harmony, no better quality of life and our priorities are on self over helping people and that's why we are where we are today.

I'm black, I was born in it, so I know you know and this confirms, if  you're white you know and was born in it. The reality of this all, why is it so hard to admit? Too many are profiting from this grave injustice. The people being killed stopped complaining when they started getting paid to keep their mouth shut, just like in slavery. One group was paid to enslave another while the rest of the world stood by watching this travesty unfold.

Hell, the preachers don't even talk about this any more. Discrimination, race, gender, age, size... is just another fact of life in the country we call United States of America. It's actually a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron, a psychotic people... 

Is it an honor to be a Native American in America? Do we respect the elders of this great land?

Who is this man? - your-inner-voice.com-by Art Thomas

Race wars are and the struggle of people to control their fellow human beings and is a world-wide phenomenon, why would America be any different? Why would those who are victims claim to be the victor and how could the victor claim innocence? It's these kind of dynamics which allow racial wars to go on uncontested for as long as they are uncontested.

Whether it is race or greed, a man must first admit he's wrong before he can be wrong.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!