Racial Tensions Escalating in America

Don’t Bring Your Black Ass Back

How is the education system helping these folk? As long as Black folk have been in America, we are still scared to tell on white folk turning a blind eye to blatant racism, violence and abuse.

It truly amazes me how Americans can see all these hate crimes being committed elsewhere, yet fail to see all this shit going on in your backyard. It amazes me how you're so eager to take action against foreigners killing foreigners when your asses are more guilty than they. Hiring dumb ass policemen, I've never seen a time when more atrocities were committed by law enforcement officers against the very people they're sworn to protect??? This wouldn't be so if we were doing what we claim to be doing.

Don’t Bring Your Black Ass Back is what a white businessman said to a black customer today. You figure out what the fuck today means.

If you should say “I should have seen this coming”, then I am going to ask you, “what do you see coming”?

I was patronizing a local welding shop, in good old Milledgeville, Ga where we no longer engage in hate crimes, gross racist violations or have them same old problems with racist ass white people provoking innocent black people trying to live. We're not like Ferguson, Baltimore, DC, New York, Chicago, Boston....And they wonder why they feel so threatened by black people??? 

Blacks denied in Milledgeville, GA Nightclub 2015

Some work he did broke and I paid for repairs twice, so for a third time, I took it back to be fixed. Flashback!!! After the repair he told me he was sick n tired of seeing my face and not to bring my black ass back. I kind of chuckled and walked off.

I suspected the situation to be even more potentially deadly because of the way he maintained his shop and earlier, I’d seen him toting an old handgun into his office, but approach him anyway.

NOTE: The same thing happen at one of them scrap yards, in Macon, Ga, where one white man and vicious junk yard dogs had two black men enslaved, literally in voluntary slavery. Don't think they are the only ones, the vast majority of Black Americans, especially the elite,  are in the same situation. Fear because "They're so good to us, they gave us good niggers a job".

His words to me didn’t surprise me as much as his willingness to make the repair. The surprise was he wasn’t argumentative in the beginning. I was shocked when he happily agreed to honor his work; and when he was finished, I asked what do I owe you? He said nothing and all of a sudden he SNAPPED and went into a fit of unprovoked rage. Unless you say my blackness provokes people.

I’m sixty years old, raised up in the racist ass town of Milledgeville, Ga and to me, I got what I wanted and he got what he wanted, no licks passed. However, be forewarned: The best of white folk are starting to crack again.

Not that they are angry with you, but they’re plagued by personal problems and angry with the world. They will do anything to start some shit. They’re extremely infuriated especially when a black man has the nerve to stand eye to eye and tell them the truth. They’re infuriated especially when corrected by a black man. Couple that with their lazy ass attitude towards black people anyway and you have a potentially explosive situation.

The crazy part about this all is these mentally sick ass white folk are armed, dangerous and operating businesses. And they say we can go in there just like anyone else but I beg to differ. You going to be treated in a professional manner, but Bob will be treated like a fellow human being. You will pay the highest price, but Bob will get whatever kind of deal available in hopes of repeat business...you know the deal - don't bring your black ass back.

How's our system of education helping these folk? How's church and being a good Christian helping these folk. How is being good parents apply to these folk? How does future generations look for these folk? They say they need to be armed to keep from being robbed, but in fact they need to armed because they’re pissed at the current situation and the world.

It’s kind of strange how the most ignorant of them always have the advantage. All this domestic violence shit going on and yet they need more guns. Isn't that escalating the problem, taking matters into your own hands, what about the police? It’s kind of strange how they’re always right and you must go along to get along. They don’t have to buy shit from you but you must buy from their corrupt asses or their designated representatives. But nobody sees this. They can give abuse but they can't take it and they’re constantly giving it, while blaming the victim. Always was, still is and will be unless they change, if you abuse them it's a crime, if they abuse you, it's just another day in the office.

As much as black folk know white folk, I knew when I first saw the motherfucker he shouldn’t have been allowed a business license, much less a permit to carry a fire arm. Yet, I allowed myself to suckered in again and it wasn’t by accident. Somehow, we would like to think we will be treated as equals with some sense of dignity and  the same respect given and that's what we teach.

Yes, there are some nice white folk, they just ain’t nice to black folk unless you call watching their people abusing, beating and killing everything that don't look like them. Yes, I have white friends and that is how I know.

The diversion is they have also mastered the art of hiring stupid ass black folk to aid and cover their propensity for violence and abuse against black folk. These niggers are so elated they were chosen, they've agreed to turn the same blind eye, in exchange for favor, power, and money. Call them the Bill Cosby's of the world.

To tell the truth, north, south, east, and west, ivy league school or ghetto, ain’t shit changed; just a new strategy to the same old racist ass hate crimes and they want you to play along - loyalty.

How can the perpetrator of racism dictate to their victims how racism will be handled and it not be racism? And it won’t change until black folk change. Now, we have an  understanding.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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