Reason for Protest

Police Brutality and other injustices, how do I handle them? Should I join a protest, boycott or other mass source of protest?

Religion and Political Repression are the greatest culprit of injustice, go figure.

Frustrated because you cannot find a better job or any job at this point? Are you humiliated and enraged but no one hears you? Do you feel the need for a desperate act to resonate with people in order to be helped or bring about a good change?

Listening to others is hazardous to your health and often too late! Some folk are too quick to jump on the bandwagon of others. Protest can be powerful and is needed, but minus the violence and abuse, now how do you accomplish that?

Listen and obey yourself and that will lead to where you need to go. If you act out of desperation you are more apt to act in anger. You want to keep yourself under control because that is what you want in return.

When you force anyone to action you may accomplish your aim but the aftermath will bring you additional problems, utopia which immediately descends into chaos and confusion.

There is a better way, act before it’s too late.  Religion and Political Repression are the catalyst for many of the problems we’re experiencing today…failed political and economic systems…cronyism and corruption.

Intelligent and creative people who follow their own path, when you only listen to the God within, natural and safely you are guided past bitterness and all this madness. You don’t need to set yourself on fire, suicide bombings, guns, we don’t want to harm ourselves and other human beings, so what else can we do? Why do you want to become a part of a failed system? What can it do for you?

There’s a government setup within us that will deliver the poor and anyone else in need. Listening and obeying the God within is the only true hope for a peaceful world. Safely and naturally, not one day, but everyday. What keeps you safe keeps us all safe.

It's another fourth of July are we working for independence or celebrating what others have done? Were we actually free, then why celebrate that old bullshit? ARe we free today, then where is the new shit to eat ribs over?

 (((your inner

To die and Never Lived

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!