To Die without ever Living?

How do I know you never lived?

Is it because good wholesome living is taboo? What about same sex marriage? What took so long?

What is your sexual fantasy? Why do you want to become a great politician, celebrity, is it for all the perks or is it to help others? Why are our relationships so estranged and our actions so condescending?

What’s the difference, what’s the difference in living a lie and living your sexual fantasies? How do you come up with the things you do and what happens when you fail to do them? How do you know what's okay and what’s not? How do you teach to follow your passion when you are  afraid of yours?

Why is it so taboo to venture outside of race, when we say race, gender, demographics doesn't matter? How can it be equal and unequal at the same time? How can we say use common sense with nothing in common? How is that human rights when it has to be approved, validated by you? Do you know or are you learning and then, why do you act otherwise?

Where's the adventure and how do we experience/negotiate this together? How do you justify the extravagant costs in sports over self-sustaining living? The over inflated costs for living, are they an indication of something we're doing right or wrong and how can it be both?

If you listen to all the bullshit others dictate, will you ever achieve your passion? Why is it a passion and how can that be without sexual connotation? How can you love unconditionally without putting forth the action behind love? Then, why do we have so many conditions and the more conditions we establish the harder true love is to achieve? Why are we so afraid to allow others to witness the true love in our hearts?

How is that “free thinking”? 10 million dollars for a house? How much do I want to live with you, how does that make me more, when it's supposed to be God's house? What message am I sending, is it the more money you make the more I spending money to acquire luxury goods and services to publicly display my economic power, becoming the envy of others?

Building, owning or occupying a house you cannot maintain, where does that leave you?

Mass production and greed have caused us to compromise quality, so we end up with "substandard surface lavish" houses. 

(((your inner


YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!