Reclaiming The Village

Making A Difference, That sign says Prairie View is doing that through Research, Teaching and Service since 1876. Where?

Art Thomas reporting for the campus of Prairie View A&M, Prairie View, TX, 14Mar13

Are we forced to send our children the wrong way? Our schools are so strapped for money, our students get empty promises. First our schools of higher learning sold education and now education is selling us. Today, what do you get for all your time, money and education?

Of all the things said and experienced today on campus and at the Sheraton Hotel, Houston, TX it all can be surmised in a poem recited by Dr. Lucian Yates, III, at Prairie View says "Time for a new change". And amongst all he talked he shared this poem,  See It Through and I would like to share this poem with you.

Front Entrance Prairie View A& M

See It Through By Edgar Albert Guest 1881–1959 

When you’re up against a trouble, 

    Meet it squarely, face to face; 

Lift your chin and set your shoulders, 

    Plant your feet and take a brace. 

When it’s vain to try to dodge it, 

    Do the best that you can do; 

You may fail, but you may conquer, 

    See it through! 

Black may be the clouds about you 

    And your future may seem grim, 

But don’t let your nerve desert you; 

    Keep yourself in fighting trim. 

If the worst is bound to happen, 

    Spite of all that you can do, 

Running from it will not save you, 

    See it through! 

Even hope may seem but futile, 

    When with troubles you’re beset, 

But remember you are facing 

    Just what other men have met. 

You may fail, but fall still fighting; 

    Don’t give up, whate’er you do; 

Eyes front, head high to the finish. 

    See it through!

(((your inner

Dead Beat Children

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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