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How resilient are Americans and America today?

Do what you have to do to get what you want? A lot of times that can get you in trouble.

Today, it is getting kind of scary when you look the news and see the actions of Republicans and Democrats. All of which is going on while there is a gaping hole in the boat? How long will it be before both parties figure out if we do not repair that hole, what will there be to argue about? Are we so overwhelmed with problems? Do we know which way to turn? Are we at the end of our rope? Is this the beginning or the end? What is the difference? What are the consequences for getting it wrong one more time? How much more of this can you stand?

Comparatively, my life seems just as bleak. Years pass without the much needed help I think I need and my time is getting short here. Will I ever get there? It seems the more I do, the less progress I make, high hopes.

I do not know if you have those feelings? Certainly, it seems my lifestyle is not the norm nor is it to morn. It is a helpless feeling leaving you feeling somewhat less than the person you would like to be. I question my character, my behavior and even my looks? How does everyone else meet the partner of their dreams? How does other families pull together, how do they come together in the wake of all going on around them? How do they expect to survive? I know there will always be trials and tribulations, but that’s all my life seems to be. All I need seems to be just out of reach. Is that just me or our country?

I meet people and it seems all they want is to play games. I work but they want to pay me as less as possible. I apply for good jobs only to be turned down. I feel rejected in every sense of the word. I believe all these good things, but for most, they never happen. Remember, they boast of paying as much as possible but you end up making less. These are not parties but people.

So by now, I have become use to it. Nothing surprises me anymore. So what about the oil spill, I can’t afford the gas anyhow? What about economy, health care, because according to their standards, I can’t afford it anyhow? What about credit and jobs going away? What about all the false advertisement? Will they ever come back to normal?

Though my character is above reproach, my credit score is less than desired. If you don’t play by their rules, you are out of the game. Everybody wants to be compensated, but compensation seems to escape our country. Is drama all I am worth to you?

You hear about good jobs and their efforts to hire people with good character and work ethics, but as you pursue them the game changes. You ask yourself, what do you have to do, in order to achieve?

Today, I learned of a family’s trials and tribulations and how they dealt with them. This story is coming from an 82 year old widow. Her husband was a local businessman, who from the outside appeared to be financially successful. However, on the inside he used all the family’s money trying to maintain this status. In the end he committed suicide to escape the harsh realities of his creation and you think all this stuff I am writing is crap.

How many suicides per day does it take for reality to hit home? Where are the resilient people? Where is the resilient country? Is suicide an honorable act? Well, his now 82 year old widow and children doesn’t think so. What are we overlooking and how will we get back on track?

The preacher talked about Struggles and taking them to God, but what does that say for how resilient you must be? How many years must you practice patience? How do you restrain yourself from abuse and violence? How do you build and maintain a supportive environment with all the drama at home?

Life, how harsh and unforgiving life is and how faithful, dedicated and resilient you must be? In light of all the flashy stuff going on around us, everyone one of us is going through something serious. To whom are we looking to resolve these issues, Repubican or Democrat, it certainly will not be both?

We must be much more independent and self-sustaining as a people, in order to be that as a country. We must have the ability to get back to the basics and mine our own business. Depression is a killer!

How high is our positive capacity to cope with stress and adversity? Are we prepared to convert it all to living in peace and harmony with nature?

In every neighborhood, community, city and country, we should promote harmony, mutual understanding and cooperation as expressions of our spiritual gratitude and true prosperity. We should recognize and treat one another as sacred beings who are sharing in the abundance of our divine inheritance. Each thoughtful word and caring gesture should be evidence of the love expressed through us to the world.

We should be so busy we resist temptation and manage our own businesses. But it seems we are doing just the opposite, we are more divided than ever? We have more corrupt leadership than ever and we are more prone to evil temptation than ever? Our country is not a right, it is a priviledge. Just like with the people before us, it can be taken away if not properly managed.

Resilience is like your immune system; you must build it and maintain it, for your own safety and security. Teach your children character building, how to be loving, patient, alert and happy; and you too will be resilient enough to withstand the economic crisis and help others.

your inner Resilient


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