Restoring Confidence and Respect to Parents 

Vulnerable young people and adults, who took knowledge from parents?

First you must realize this is the case and this case is an issue needing to be dealt with.

We must stop worrying about made-up junk, like economies, guns, and gold, industries and start worrying about things about people. Who wants a job over having a family?

Today's youth are so career focused, we've lost focus on family. While Michelle Obama is out there trying to educate children, what about those children taught to ignore their parents and parents ignoring children? What about those children who disrespect parents and parents who disrespect children. If they disrespect teachers don't they must first disrespect self?

Why does the school have answers and parents not? Who took the knowledge and responsibilities for raising happy, healthy families from parents, why?

How can someone who historically neglected parenting duties tell those who historically carried out those duties? How can someone more interested in being superior teach me about being a community? How can anyone more interested in education and political power teach me about life?

There's a trick and today the trick is on you. If schools don't want parents to run them, then how can or should parents trust schools with their children?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!