How Do You Motivate People to Reach The Top

You don’t, they must first want to be there. So, what is all this hype about “saving people, educating people”? the more education we give, the more needed. The more religion we give, the more needed, is this the way it is supposed to be?

How can you save anyone who doesn’t want to be saved? You create and illusion of what they want, using what you want them to have.  You create a way for them to get what they want, using what you have. Rich people take advantage of the weaknesses of the poor and poor people take advantage of each other.  Crabs in a basket

Do people who reach this proverbial top really tell how they got there?

Bottom line is, “none of us have made it”. Rich or poor, we need each other. Strengths compliment weaknesses and we come with both. What you label as a handicap in my life just may be the very thing to save yours. I may have lots of talents, but never be rich and famous, you may be rich and famous but have no friends.

The proverbial top is an illusion and limited to those few who use that analogy to appear more accomplished than others. But what good are all these personal accomplishment when you’re taking advantage of the next man to stay there? The preacher is preaching to me about what he should be preaching to himself. Why am I going to follow a man just because he calls himself preacher, ceo, boss, drives a fancy car, lives in a lavish house, pockets full with money? It's for the same reason I wouldn't follow a drug addicted, alcoholic, known criminal...

Can you get there by praising the Lord, getting all the education, working hard, practicing the best character traits… Is that how America became America? Are we known for telling the truth? Why would a lion tell another lion he's going to be condemned for practicing what comes natural to him? 

You must first understand what and where you are in order to better understand what and where you’re headed. Harming each other is not our nature, but loving is. 

How do you restore power and respect in parents?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!