On the hills of incidents like Ferguson, Missouri; North Carolina Black Wife armed, shot and killed her unarmed wheelchair bound husband.

Brenda Johnson Bishop, "Old farts" killing each other, why? What will she gain for killing husband, stay tuned?

Sad but true, reports revealed Brenda Bishop, retired police officer, armed and shot her wheel chair bound husband.

Seems this was a scene created by Mrs. Bishop to setup Mr. Bishop so she, who knew she had the advantage, by also arming herself, could feel or make it seem she acted in Self-Defense. The Diary of A Mad Black Woman...

Reports say, This all was over unarmed George telling his wife she was going to be dead at 1:00.

George David Bishop III, North Carolina music legend RIP after wife of more than 46 years did his ass in.

In all this murdering of unarmed blacks, I am particularly sensitive to this case. I normally don't write about shit like this, but I hope this is an example of how treacherous we can be to each other.

If Mrs. Bishop, a retired police officer, went and got a gun, gave it to her wheel chair bound husband then I understand why it all went down hill from there. She armed him. Why would any mature human being do that, if they did not want to provoke more violence?

Of all people, wouldn't a former police officer know you do not solve a problem with the use of deadly? Would she advise her children to do the same?

STOP THE VIOLENCE AND ABUSE! Mrs. Bishop had several options to avoid killing her then unarmed and wheel chair bound husband, none of which she chose.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!