Return On Your Investment (ROI)

crimes against humanity  is ROI one of them?

What are crimes against humanity and who decides? Is predatory lending a crime against humanity? Do the perpetrators or the people decide? So, if we aren't realizing any savings what are we doing?

ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate the concept of an investment of some resource yielding a benefit to the investor, profit or cost saving realized…

Remember before this ROI thing started? You borrowed money and you paid that money back, with no interest or very little. There were more deals made over a person’s word or the shake of a hand than contracts signed today. People made decisions.

Does a contract increase the chances of your money being paid back? What happens when you lend someone money? Do you think banks are any better at collecting? Well, if they are why have they implemented more and more predatory means of collecting their monies?

If we’re lending more and the whole country is in greater debt, what does that tell you?

Why is it better to build an economy based upon borrowing than it is to build an economy based upon saving?

This roi thing has grown to a point where it has consumed our lives. So much so, you’re hard pressed to find anyone to help you, just for the sake of helping a fellow comrade, without looking for something immediately in return, especially money. Even places so critical as hospitals will not render services to citizens before being guaranteed payment up front. Why must you guarantee payment before receiving any products or services, especially in places like hospitals? They know they will have trouble collecting. Is that a crime, sick or what?

The justification is, “nobody works for nothing”? My response to that is when has anyone worked and didn’t gain a return on the work they invested.

The bottom line is, institutions serving American citizens want to be paid for doing nothing, whether it is right or wrong. We’ve gone from good to bad. Money from citizens is used to build public institutions, but the public can't get a return on the investment they already made unless they make another. Isn’t that double dipping or something?

The same with law enforcement. The public pays for the hiring of cops and then you must pay when the cops determine you have violated, whether you violated or not. Even worse, the same cops intentionally set traps to trap innocent taxpayers. Cops patrol high crime areas and the high crime areas are based upon profiles determined by income levels and the citizens they serve. The lower your income the higher your criminal profile and it is just that obvious - Crimes against humanity.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!