Revisiting Civil Rights

Mutual respect, why would we want to do that in America 2013?

What happens when you force someone, anyone to action? You must keep forcing them. Is forcing our goal, then what should we do? What happens when a man does not realize he’s wrong? What do you do when someone mistreats you, do you draw nearer to them or do you separate yourself? Correcting a Man

People don’t hear what I’m saying: Why must black folk ask, beg, march, demonstrate, boycott, sit-in … to get the attention of racist ass white people, for “civil rights”? If these methods were so effective then why are we where we are today - going backwards? What is, “Keep doing the same old stupid shit, yet expecting a different result”?

They ain’t never been right, don’t intend on being right, didn’t treat the Indians right nor any other people. White folk have never treated Black People like human beings, unless it was to their advantage, unless you’re making a dollar for them. So why are we still asking for something they never gave – civil rights nor mutual respect? Civil rights have fucked up more niggers than corn whiskey.

There are those of you who would disagree saying "we're better today", but I would tell you, you are crazy as hell. Today, though it appears we can do more, we're actually doing worse than "less". The proof is in our crime rate, economic and social power, domestic violence and abuse. We're literally forced to do shit we know to be wrong to get what we need. Now, show me where it's right, is it in our system of education?

When is wrong right? Wrong is right when you've done it wrong so long you start to believe it's right.

Why do we keep asking for civil rights when we should be demanding “human rights” and if they don’t give them, then LEAVE?

Black Americans don’t know when to leave, when they’re not wanted. They feel some kind of sense of belonging to the land that hates them. They're firm believers in "this land is your land this land is my land bullshit". They would rather die being treated inhumanely than go somewhere, anywhere where they can be treated like the human beings they are.

Now, what kind of people is that? You come across as being too needy and the people upon which you depend gets tired of your needy ass. You can't do shit without their approval, brainwashed to think we're disadvantaged. Because of this we fail to listen to our inner voice and utilize our own strengths. Keep destroying each other to get a crumb. At some point we as a people must become interdependent.

Somebody asked me where would we go and what good would running do? I ask you,,, If someone was whipping your ass would you continue living with them? Just like freeing the slaves and they were scared to leave, saying they didn't know where to go, but Harriet Tubman figured it out? Now, we know where to go and if you don't, you deserve everything you get, so shut the fuck up. Don't run like a coward but walk in the opposite direction like a man, until you gain mutual respect.  Human Rights!

We have a choice right now, but if we do not exercise it, "being different and being better"?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!