Connecting for Efficiency

What about energy and productivity??? Why don't we have the energy to do what we're supposed to...

Who wouldn’t want to be as effective and efficient as possible? However, we have a way of justifying what we want over what’s needed, which leads to catastrophe every time. Why do we want catastrophe, because selfish reasons, some think they benefit from this.

Do we really hire the most qualified for the job or do we hire people who best do what we want, no matter the consequences. How did we go from good character to corporate greed?

This mentality stifles any healthy efforts to manage energy, from the top down. If you want the bottom to be more effective and efficient, it must come from those running things. The problem is those hired to run things are paid employees therefore have no incentive to do what’s good for the whole. The more they get the more they want so they lean towards special interests or those with money and power.

How do you connect in the most effective and efficient manner? The only way to connect for efficiency is for everyone to be able to make their contribution to the plan as a whole. For everyone to do that they must have the flexibility to be themselves, while contributing to the whole. In order for everyone to be themselves, in the most effective and efficient manner, they must have the courage to listen and obey their inner voice. Achieving Justice and Equality

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!