Rewards or Pains

If it is easy, are you doing the right thing on the reward pathway?

Many don't want to wake-up, most wake up looking for easy and there are those very, mighty few who wake-up looking to tackle hard.

The shit we've implemented today is done in such away, it's very overwhelming and incomprehensible, resulting in even more depressions, confusion, chaos, crime, abuse.... 

Your rewards are what drives you. When chatting with people because you're looking for something to do, they often respond by saying "nothing". There ain't nothing more depressing than hearing people doing nothing. Around yourself are how many of these kind of people? Really, I want to call them motherfuckers, why, because how can you survive in this life by doing "nothing"?

Whether they are or they aren't think of the implications of repeatedly "nothings"??? The word alone brings nothing but Pain and Misery, sickness, disease and that's why I so label them.

The whole idea in life is to minimize struggles and that of everyone so desiring. Our most valued resource is "quality time" and we must have more of it. What good does it do to sit down and discuss with you all day about shit that ain't working? How many more shopping plazas, GRQ's schemes, fast food joints, games... where is the healthy shit, quality, the quality time?

Who doesn't want more money but just like anything else, it too depends on how you use it. You get money but then one day you discover all  you've done has  been for a big fat 0, even worse a minus.

You must toughen up! You must know yourself and get to know yourself even better for being either rich or broken because what you do on a daily basis is what I call "fanning the flames"!

Salary slaves, don't have time for shit, yet they want you to take time. What good are salary slaves and I guess on the other hand, what good are broke ass people?

I've put a lot of time into researching my life and learned I'm supposed to be interdependent. Salary slaves are slaves to their jobs, broke ass people are slaves to a do nothing mentality, which are all one in the same. What is needed are people who understand "true freedom" and that is the freedom to help your fellow man, your neighbor. Does this take money?

How do you achieve this? Understanding! Understand you up against liars, cheaters, robbers, killers, naysayers and these kind of people are at all levels and walks of life, they make-up the preponderance, the majority of our population, our communities, our families. Our integrity has been severely compromised. This includes our current system of education, health care, business, religion, government and we've learned, brainwashed and it is not working. It's actually killing us and causing more harm than good. Understand they're all in the receiving mode, selfish mode and ain't willing to share shit unless they first benefit. They will sell their own Grandma to get what they want. They've taught us how to use our reward system against us.

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There's a growing movement on the rise. These are people yearning to be "self-made". This only mean they're "unbrainwashing" themselves, they're not with the liars, cheaters, scammers, phonies, going along to get along... but these people are about using themselves to get the very best out of life. They are about doing their own research to rediscover and achieve their purpose in life, to help others and people with money know they need these kind of people to maintain integrity.

Know something the others don't, learn what they're not teaching, pickup on what others overlook and have the courage to put this kind of knowledge in effect. Most don't realize this until it is too late, so we say "forget it".

My reward to you: Make sure your rewards are far greater than your challenges and study with people going the same way! Know yOur rewards are not in pocket but within you.

(((your inner

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YOUR inner voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!