Rude People Impolite

Can you fight rudeness with rudeness? How do rude people know when they're rude?

It is in our nature to be nurturing and also for one to kick the other out of the nest, but how does this all work, to the best end for human beings?

Is it an assumption or is it real that you are weaker than me? What do you do when someone is rude to you? Very insulting isn't it? And especially, why be rude to Newcomers. Relationships are often met with rude behavior, the very behavior we say we're trying to avoid.

Impolite people are rude people for no reason. Don't take it personal because this rude behavior is not because of something you did. They feel threatened and want to scare you off by being very impolite. They are just the same as a BULLY.

Being rude is the first step to an abusive relationship and they do not care. People take kindness for weakness, but you have let them know. I feel sorry for people who work with the public. They must have a coat of armor to deal with the rude public. So, isn't that lesson enough in our private lives?

Why be rude, especially newcomers? Didn't your parents teach you to respect all human beings until they prove otherwise? What if we were just the reverse, you wouldn't stand a chance. Do you want to be kicked out of the nest? Can you think of a better way?

What about first impressions? We all have our rude moments, but there's something seriously wrong when you don't address or fail to recognize. Human beings know there's enough of what we need to go around. First impressions are lasting.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!