Or did he just run out? There's been a lot of people running out these days, makes you wonder what will happen when it is  your turn? Oh, so you think you won't run out, just keep reading.

Do you think we've already run out and just don't want to admit it. Happy, fun... words are supposed to be the reason why we work but stress and depression are the products. Why would anyone work to stress themselves out more than before? Can part of us be right and part of us be wrong? Can you live in a world not effected by mine? Something so simple as love, how did we screw this up? 

Errands are the first thoughts, but as you’re running them, what do you do when you “run out”? Ever lost your wallet, what a rude awakening? What about a “ain’t misbehaving spouse”, do you think they’d admit, but that runs out too.

Talking of spouses, relationships, how much deep thought do you give to one? Well, you claim to be “all that”. Thinking how much preparation, hard work and dedication you put, just what exactly do you put it towards and does it do you any good?

They say the average American uses less than 1% of their brain, so for what are you using the 99%? Is it to get back at somebody? Do we spend 99% of our time trying to get back at somebody? I really can’t see all your love for the world. Looks like the world is 99% lacking and the 1% is as pretentious as can be? Do you think love, the love we talk about, but fail to practice even exist?

What do you think the role of “same sex” plays in all of this? Some of us are as confused as hell, while others of us act like we know. When the world has evolved in such a confused state, what does that prove about your knowing? Is the world getting better or worse? It’s not a question of the act being appropriate or inappropriate, but the fact you no longer know what you knew, which is just a little more sugar added to your crazy bowl.

First, it was the forbidden races, of which we haven’t overcome, though we knew it was as wrong as hell; and now add in gender? Again, the problem is not the act, but the fact we said it was wrong and we implemented practices to keep it from happening, even though it was still happening. Now, if this is not as confusing as hell, then what is this kind of hypocritical behavior and it just goes on and on?

Remember, when it was socially not politically correct to “borrow money, you can’t pay back”, although people were going bankrupt like crazy? Now, today, bankruptcy has become another factor in family planning. It just makes sense, that all the financial planning did back then has just led to ridiculous, out of control debt financial crisis today? Didn’t we have a budget? What happens when you run out, do we just make more and why would anyone make more of what got them in trouble in the first place?  Should we make more mistakes and why would anyone, plan and execute their own demise? I’m just trying to make sense of all this bullshit? Do we have more integrity than yesterday or less, more inmates or less, more crime or less; even though we have more churches, schools and higher education? It seems the more education, the more education needed, is that suppose to be the point? Have we educated ourselves out of jobs? Are prices suppose to keep going up, as we say we’re making more, where is “the more" in all of this? Was housing suppose to become unaffordable and is this affordable? Can we actually live like this and do you call this living? What good does it do to help things get worse, then how can we say, we're helping things get better? What happens when you see someone less fortunate than you, is it a hoax?

No matter how good you're ass feels, it cannot be better than the worse of us? People are literally sick these days and it's from all the pretentious bullshit we've created and we just keep creating more and more and more, using it as a justification to do even more wicked ass shit.

Happy Easter 2015

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!