Sometimes you have to think about shit!

When will enough be enough, the more food the bigger the petite?

But can your eyes eat far more than your stomach can stand? What good is constantly overeating?

For your own safety and security, if you overeat you will surely pay the price. Do we ever tell the price and when we do, is it real value or the made-up one?

Coming off this "technology will rule the world thing", why do we keep wanting more, more, more and more?

Even though you know the more we get the worse we are, the more we want, how can this be and why do we say otherwise? Why do we say we're doing so much better, knowing things are worse than they have ever been in the history of the world?

Did they shoot their kids, arm them with a car, a dead end jobs, corrupt business practices, inflation, hypocritical church, slavery, genocide, racism, women rights violations, higher crime, well; if you  abuse any of this, you've abused them all. Do you not think Native Americans lived a better life, do you think slavery was needed? Isn't it very obvious the more we do, the worse things get and what should we do when we realize this? Why isn't it just that simple and why not tell the truth?

What do you do when you realize you've done the wrong thing, do you apologize to Black People, well if you don't should you expect anyone to apologize to you? What kind of shit is this? Then we ask, will computers run the world? Are they doing a good job of ruling it now? Is that why Hillary Clinton is accused of using her private email account to transact government business? If you can't trust the government then who can you trust? Who can you trust and is the writing on our money more valuable than the money itself, then why isn't it working or do you believe it is?

If these crackers don't trust Obama, not because he's of color, but because he's one of the most knowledgeable presidents, during my life time...  what does that say to you? Continue reading "Never Apologize for being White"

As you think about "saving your own ass" Remember, if you violate one, you  have violated them all. If you lie you cheat, if you cheat you lie, all of which is very misleading. Are we suffering any consequences for the wrong we've done or is all forgiven? Are there any consequences for evil and can evil just be explained away - God forgave us? Then, why do we kill other motherfuckers for even threatening to kill another? Why is it okay for some and not for others? Why have we made heroes of notorious killers?

Where is the forked tongue, who, what people and is this for real, is it true and for whom are you working? Who, what people is in-charge of making the money? Does this speak anything that makes sense in your mind, your heart and why can't you do something about it, if things are so much better? Who makes guns, police, army, prison, hospitals, schools, groceries and stores, government..., just what freedoms do you enjoy, whose economy? Just, where is the Black Market legal?

Is "wanting more a way to distract you from knowing by dangling the carrot? You must not worry about Alzheimer's anymore because the shit you know today will be obsolete tomorrow.  Now, do you better understand why we say computers are smarter than human beings?

Next article: Can Bad People Make Good Computers? What good is this? Are we really a happier people? What is "in moderation"? Does anyone want less and if you do, what are you considered? Yesterday, we were many, today we're alone.

(((your inner

Continue reading "Will Computers take over from Humans"

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!