Scariest Debt Collectors in America

They don't look like what you may think they do.

Of course those in denial will say this is not America, but if you ask me the cards are already laid. In America it is all about one thing and that's MONEY! People go missing for their wealth, so how do they maintain their safety and security? Why, how do  they create so many enemies?

The man behind the lizard, more than insurance, a good time on somebody else's money.

As good and kind as Mr. Buffett may portray himself to be, there is much much more behind the lizard than insurance.

Take me a hardworking, honest, poor, person, why can I never achieve this level of success, without selling my soul? My challenges doesn't mean shit to the rest of the world, but taking advantage of the weaknesses of the poor is a very profitable endeavor.

There are two issues floating around in my head, right now and it has to do with the Scariest Debt Collectors and the rich mother fuckers, what’s the difference? 

Positive people or negative dick heads?

I'm going to use the man behind the lizard to prove this to myself. The man behind the lizard is more than insurance. Poor people don't build cars, mandatory insurance, drivers license, tags, title, highways, skyscrapers, golden gates, lincoln tunnels, credit cards, checks, tithing ... 

Are these wealthy people really concerned about my health and welfare, legal, above board or just for profit and their pockets? And that’s how both of these two extremes tie together. It is the wealthy motherfuckers who hire these heartless debt collectors to terrorize you into submission.

It’s every man’s dream to become wealthy, is this good or bad? When you think about how the wealthy stay wealthy then you understand. The put the “fear of God” in your ass if you don’t pay and the law is on their side. They do all these horrendous violent tactics to collect their debt as we think they’re justified.

Had this debt occurred with the average person, nothing would be said, but because you refused to pay Geico you have no insurance but it is quite alright for Geico to refuse to pay you, no matter how much money they have and how little it may hurt. They force you to have insurance, but they’re not forced to do anything.

For this mind boggling idea, Mr. Buffet is considered a financial genius. My question to you is: Have you ever seen a wealthy man who became wealthy without doing some treacherous shit? It is through his ability to will evil power if you don’t conform which pressures you into a desire to pay. And it is only this kind of people who can get away with this kind of shit, we enjoy, feel safe and secure in working for them. You are not working because you love insurance; you’re working for benefits for helping him carry out evil noble deeds in the name of insurance. It is just the way our society has been so designed and what they don't tell you is: Business is Business is unfinished business.

Any of these corporate companies, we don’t even have a clue about what they’re actually doing, we only know what “they say they’re doing”. If it was me, you would tell me you have to see proof. A life of luxury is generally regarded as a dangerous thing to be involved, a tragic end to an incredible life.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!