Scarring vs. Tattoos

cutting and burning vs. pricking and inking

You don't get a tattoo from falling down and busting your ass. Tattoos are a reminder of something you created, but scars are a reminder of something to be avoided. Not really but a blest thought. 

The point vs. the knife. As if scarring is not enough? Do we see tattoos as more important, more appealing, more seductive... then why aren't we sporting our scars the way we sport tattoos?

Scarring is the tattoo of choice for dark skinned people. White people keep changing so fast till they have to express it in a tattoo, lol. You keep wanting bigger and bigger tattoos, but not so with scarring. Most want to avoid the accidents.

Piercing, they all involve some kind of method of piercing  the skin, an heightened sense of awareness and many other medicinal functions. It nothing new and but ancient methods and that is why what was taboo in our society yesterday, is very popular today.

Every tattoo has a scar, but not every scar has a tattoo. Every human being sports a scar but not every human being sport a tattoo.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!