Seeking Happiness

The fact you're seeking, but what happens when you find it?

I call myself a happy person, but why is it so hard to meet others who are just as happy? Are we so busy being happy, we don't have time for other happy people?

Is it in the music, do you like country or rap, what about Chinese music, African music, highland music...? Here to prove we've more reasons to be cautious of each other than we have to be Happy with? My point being, if you don't know, if you aren't challenged and if you cannot be questioned then you are not truly free nor happy? Call it a reality check, a check-up from the neck up!

Who really gives a shit if you are happy or not? You say, "you do", but really, ever wonder how you find happiness in such an unhappy world? 

There are so many questions I could ask to prove your unhappiness, or false sense of happiness, well one could always ask "how could you be so happy surrounded by "all our trash" or do you know our trash is at an epidemic level and we see no way out? Here's one for you.

Seeking happiness, you encounter unhappiness, so you are happy to take the challenge to help make them happy. After learning their happiness depends on your efforts to make them happy, now makes you unhappy. Too many people are energy drainers, instead of energy generators.

As long as you are making them happy, causing them to feel their happiness makes you happy, so much so until your own happiness has been consumed and your state of unhappiness is your own fault.

As you so cleverly endeavor to reestablish balance in your life, they are hoping not to be discovered while searching for their next happy seeking host.

Some words which come to mind are co-dependence, but for me, it is more a form of manipulation which is also a bad word and worse.

Either way, this does not change the fact, we're a bunch of, at our very best, unhappy, misguided, misinformed, big lies, little lies people and we're in a serious state of denial.

Does our health directedly equate to our happiness, then why are we so unhealthy in every sense of the word? What about depression, stress, debt, credit and our ability to manage our time? I'm looking for answers here. Is it out of control and when do we sound the alarm?

The way we treat our seniors, veterans, disabled, is this cause for happiness or a brighter future?

Do you think all our construction and development is making us happy and on the same token is it making us unhappy? Do you think our violent and abusive history is a happy cause? Do you think the indigenous people of this land really appreciate our sense of happiness or do you really think you belong here, further you are "entitled", more entitled than the indigenous people of this land or the people we forced to labor under inhumane conditions? What kind of happiness is ignoring the people who made it possible for you to enjoy the spoils of their land? Would they/we be happier if we expounded upon their work? What about the fact we waged war on them just because they were living here in peace and harmony, while history has it, we were so unhappy with our with our homeland we decided to conquer theirs and that is a nice way of putting our attempted genocide, but the real question still remains: Does your ignorance make you happy? 

Where and how did you ever learn to be happy, was it through slavery, was it through our display of heroism during recent wars? Was it through our ability to deal with racism, discrimination against our own women and our own LGBT community? 

Was it through religion, our ability to be good Christians, how could a person be considered a good Christian accepting and building upon our violent and abusive past? I'm still trying to learn how and where in the hell did you learn about true HAPPINESS?

Maybe it was through our system of education, health care, food, water, our good jobs/careers.... are they improving or are they getting worse? How do you see progress and is this so called progress reason to be happy?

What about our ability to deal with crime, is it cause for happiness? Is it decreasing or spiraling out of control? I'm about to conclude our ability to be happy has been substituted for something other than HAPPINESS.

What about happiness through technology, does watching tv, having a smart-phone or GPS make you happy, is it a substitute or an excuse, what has it proven to be, do we get happy news from these items, do we use them responsibly and is happy news profitable? I know, it is our ability to build precision guided munitions, no, it's our ability to build WMDs?

Are we happy about our process of raising our kids? When do they become adults and being able to provide for themselves? Are we making it easier or more complicated? Is climate change or global warming their responsibility?

What about our ability to be family? Would you want to be apart of a family plagued by hypocrisy and one crisis after the next, and we call this happiness?

We found happiness, built the new America upon it and we haven't been happy since. We have no concept of the word, just our own definition, which is like asking the devil is he a happy? So, there is a people who can be happy as long as they're taking advantage of their own people, and have substituted happiness for a people who live a lifestyle of being co-dependent and/or manipulators.

Happiness is like hunger, the quality of your food is more important than quantity. Being happy is a very brief moment in time which hinges on our ability to provide for self, lift each other up, live in peace and harmony with nature, the confidence gained in knowing the earth provides "all" our needs and connects us all together; not just for the rich and famous, the needy and greedy, the poor and down trodden, for they are the last to know  HAPPINESS and this happiness directly equates to our ability to be FREE.

(((your inner

Where are Happy Americans

Pretending like it never happened

What determines happiness

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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