What determines true Happiness

Is it education, job, career, income, position, race... then how did we get this shit so confused?

How does a rich man know about TRUE HAPPINESS? Are we some of the happiest people the world over or are we some of the saddest people in the world? How do you think Native Americans feel, what about African Americans and the list goes on... There's lots of blaming in this world, employers blame employees, red blames blue, white blames black...And none of us are willing to do any damn thing about it and here's why.

So why do we consult with wealthy people to determine what happiness should be like? Why do we call people with a lot of material shit, wealthy? Why do we base a good job on the money it pays? Do you know what a Bentley cost? If you have trouble maintaining your Mazda you already know you cannot afford the troubles of a Bentley.

The other side of the coin is, poor people, low income people, regular citizens are all running around trying like hell to become one of these so called financial success stories. They all want the big ass house, fancy car, lavish dress, Ivey league education, fancy restaurants…What is the best way to achieve HAPPINESS?

People always talking about “they don’t want your drama”, then what do they do? I guess they say that so there will be plenty of room for theirs. There’s lots of shit that needs doing but why won’t somebody do it? Because it doesn’t pay. Who wants to pay for every damn thing, when it already provided?

As we seek happiness on a daily basis it seems the examples are the less you have to do, the happier you are. The appearance of which is, the more money you make, the less work, the more important, the happier you can be, which is as far away from the truth as can be. As a matter of fact, any happiness achieved because of money is false and short lived. So, why don’t we tell the truth?

We're experiencing a sick kind of happiness. How many manicured lawns can we have? And it looks like the more expensive ass lawnmowers we get the more grass needs cutting. One would think with all the high price ass lawn and garden companies and equipment all the lawns in America would be manicured, but it’s just the opposite, why is that?

You have your real-estate tycoons, they own so much property, they’re so important and it looks like they just have a money making machine. The same with anybody who has a lot of material possessions/wealth, they’re working and stressing like hell to maintain their sanity and that is what you don’t see. They do a very good job at disguising this with “the important look”. I call it the “stupid look”. They’re constantly trying to outdo each other, under the heading of competition. These already overburdened people are supported by organizations like Chamber Commerce’s handing them plaques for the “Business of the Month Award”, even though these businesses of the month wouldn’t give you a bread crumb to help you over hunger. They ain’t going to give you shit, unless they see a profit in it for them and that’s what businesses of today are all about and that is what our society has become - jobless. In today’s society you could be the worst son of a bitch ever to walk the face of the earth, but if you have money our society is going to cater to you.

A rich man can pay people to do his/her dirty work, but if a poor man paid it would be a crime. I mean what person would pay someone/anyone to do work they really wanted to do? The other side of that coin is, there’s always a poor ass son a bitch ready, willing and able to carry out dirty work for a handsome profit, all under the heading of “I’m just doing my JOB”. Can you pay a person to arrest their parents??? I don't know about the New World Order 2014, but it is time for a new world order in a good way. 

All this shit is DRAMA! Isis/Isil, wars, beheadings, racial riots, women rights, human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse, health care, political parties, justice system, oil, automotive… all this  shit ain’t nothing but drama. It has nothing to do with living a good life of helping your neighbor. It’s all about a dollar, power, control, greed…not a good word in there anywhere. So, how do we get away with this shit… PROFITS.

Don’t you know the more money you make, the more stress you have? Don’t you know the more shit you own the more stress you have? It all leads to exploitation of people, land and resources; by which today is proof.

How Much Shit You have to do determines Your Happiness and to be happy we must be constructively employed. What is constructively employed mean: We must help each other without money/profits.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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