Sex Appeal and YOur Magnetism

Who doesn't want to get paid? Will you please standup?

The quality of arousing such interest, who doesn’t want to be sexy? Who doesn't want to be in a sexy environment?

How does that appeal to you? You know we use many words to describe how something makes us feel, but how little do we use the words “sex appeal”.

Sex appeal has to do with Nature. We take male enhancement drugs, females do all kind of crazy things to demand the attention of the opposite sex, but why is it so taboo to talk about sex appeal when that phrase says it all?

Do you want to know why your relationships (((work and play))), jobs,,,,fizzle out - the quality of arousing such interest? We listen to old ugly people telling lies about our sex appeal, when everything we do is about sex our appeal, it’s all natural and we can’t get enough. Even to the highest level of our religious groups they want to be sexy. Even though they claim to practice otherwise, evidence proves their sex drive is stronger than their religious drive. Even though they have committed themselves to God, nothing has changed about their sex drive, they’re still just another human being, afraid to admit. Is that why historically the church dictated how we dressed. Why has that changed and what are we going to do about that? Why are they so mean and boring, unattractive? Do we force ourselves upon unsuspecting children, like we do our religious beliefs? Do we judge you by what the Bible say or what we see? Then why is there racism? Why is the interracial thing so taboo, if you are a “loving” human being?

And if they just admitted that one fact alone, there would be one less problem for them to deal and many more resolved. Hence more room and better chance at dealing with our internal inner problem. I mean who in their right mind would want to be unattractive? How can you attract people to you by being unattractive? How can a magnet attract anything without it’s magnetism? Why fight the magnetic energy within you? Why put more and more things on the temptation/taboo list? Aren’t we’re supposed to fix problems rather than create more of them. Aren’t we supposed minimize trash rather than create more trash than we can deal with?

Today, we have created more trash than we know what to do with and we think by throwing it out of site, means we’ve properly disposed of, only to learn the problem is greater than we would ever imagine –surprised and caught off guard. Why do we get married? How do we have children? What do we do after child bearing age? What do we do when there are more women than men? Should we do like our leaders and cheat or is there an open door policy somewhere? “A one woman man”, has that phrase “fucked us up”???

It’s the same with sex appeal, we’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water and now we sit back “dumbfounded”.

Your Sex Appeal is The God Within YOU so, use it that way. Make your homes, communities… sexy as hell and that will keep things straight.

(((your inner

Lowdown and Dirty

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!