low Down and Dirty

Just, What if???

What if I was "Low Down and Dirty"? Would you call my hand?

How does all of this tie in with human rights? How would I know? Can I move on with my life? Would it be my call or based upon my situation with others? How would I feel about that? Who would know? Would you want to peacefully resolve your problems or make them worse?

Today, right now, what if I felt “Low down and dirty”? Would I have any regrets? Would I take responsibility or blame… Do I have a conscience and how is it? Would you want to surround yourself with a “low down and dirty people”?

If I was low down and dirty, there would be no peace, but plenty of wars, violence and abuse. Would the situation be my problem or would it be how I handled the situation and depending on my perception thereof?

If I was low down and dirty, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, I wouldn’t have the courage to tell you the truth. I would take advantage of this opportunity to tear you down, rather than to build you up. I would be just like the rest, congratulating you on a “job well done”, when we all know the job hasn’t been finished? Think about that just for a moment. Is it just when things are convenient for you? Would you side on the side of peace and harmony or would you instigate more chaos and confusion?

I would rather blame someone else, when I am the only one responsible. How quickly does the tide change? You would rather hurt than help and figure your helping by hurting, terming all of that under “how sensitive you are”. You’d be sending messages that just wasn’t quite true and mix them up to confuse the masses. And even though you know it is not true, you would tell everybody this is the way God works. How would you like to take those problems to God, would He know “low down and dirty”? Could you, would you try convincing Him, lol?

So, if you find yourself telling Him about how low down and dirty I am, how sorry you are; then you already know. Prepared or not, you must accept the consequences of your actions.

What is my human right, my hope, my pursuit of life, liberty, good health and Happiness. In this land of peakes and valleys where to retreat?

Low down is synonymous with dirty. What goes around comes around and it is all how you perceive it, now is that “Low Down and Dirty”? Is that incentive enough for you to be good, no matter what, and is being good being yourself some of the time or all the time?

I embrace change because I want things to be different. Only you know and the truth shall set you free.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!