For our youth

Small town USA what's the difference and why? Should there be? As we send our youth off to be educated, for what should you look and respond...

Is this what I want to portray or is this the way it really is? Where do you go for help in a small town when one mother fucker owns everything? Talking about a monopoly! Why must you grease his palms?

Small town America ain’t what we say it is. Why ain’t she what she used to be and never will be anymore in the Good Old USA? What does In God WE Trust mean on the streets of America?

Hey baby, welcome to small town USA. We're so glad you decided to join our community. There are so many opportunities here and it's all up to you??? Just please let me live!

So, why do some people want to raise their children in small towns? They say the quality of life but watch it unfold here?

Aww Yes! Fresh air and sunshine, smart working people, less crime, stress… BULLSHIT!

It is amazing at the crooked shit that goes on in rural backwoods America. We talk about how nice and wholesome small towns are, but I’m here to tell you, a small town will break your fucking back with stupidity. How wholesome do they get, remember the Black Farmers, being sold dirt for fertilizer, crooked share cropping, denying them loans, denying the same privileges in education, jim crow, poverty stricken…. Backwoods Horror and Terror in the Wilderness is why many people had to flee small towns for better employment opportunities, safety and security for a better quality of life in America.

As soon as we get off from work, we're going to come to your school and help you get a good education so you won't have to live like us?

Yes, it is far better for a “would be” aspiring productive citizen to take a chance in the jungles of the big cities, than it is for them to build a quality life in a small town. Now, how did we get this shit all mixed up?

Small towns are just a small scale of what's going on in larger cities; however the effects are more profound due to the size difference. The only good thing about small town USA is the “Good Old Boy Network” is much tighter, if they allow you to fit in it and they call all the shots.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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