Smart Women Stupid about Men

From where do we learn about creating and maintaining healthy relationships?

A hole, but not knowing how to fill it? Do our women really know their man? What does it take to know your man?

Why are “smart women stupid about men”? Why do smart women behave irrationally when it comes to relationships with their man? Is it romance?

White men have always put their women on pedestals and now we're confronted with the results of following them. Talk about treating women as second class citizens... How is that romance? How can you perceive that as romance? How can you be addicted to second class treatment? Once romance is “out the gate, it’s out the gate”? You go from one bad relationship to another, with all your baggage.

I call our idea of romance “la-la land”, because it’s something we’re pushing but have no earthly idea what it is and we’re following the wrong people to get there. They're an Unhappy people. How can a white dominated/oriented society dictate/tell you any damn thing about creating and maintaining good healthy relationships? We “Nannied” their asses! What was your spouse doing while you were Nanning their asses?

Does church, the Bible help to find better partners - Soap Operas and what we see in mass media? Why do you want to live in their neighborhoods versus your own?

You can’t find the right person because you’re looking in all the wrong places, for all the wrong reasons, most commonly of which are “money and power”? These are the type of men you attract. You want to own something you can never own? You are looking for your own selfish reasons. You bring unrealistic conditions into the relationship, preventing unconditional love.

It doesn’t matter how high or low you are, we all want the same shit? We all want to be loved “unconditionally”. That's why we're constantly trying to fill the void we created. Love and respect yourself and the rest will come.

Now, Barack said something about DNA, is that how we need to choose our mates? It’s time to stop blaming and excusing ourselves for bad relationships. All relationships start out good, but somehow we fail to maintain them. That is on what we need to focus and address as issues arise.

If you maintain a balanced relationship it has to end up balanced, no matter who you marry or what your parents did. That's what learning is all about. We're affraid to do shit different. 

We're so far removed from a culture healthy for us, it's hard to know where to grab on.

How do we become the most innovative and creative people when we’re not working? Good healthy relationships are all about working together.

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!