Spanking Our Children

It was not the spanking that made the difference.

Why do we have such difficulty and disagreement in this matter? Why can we not come together for the best answer or solution for the whole of our society and act responsibly?

Spanking our children or any other form of hitting, as in disciplining our children is not acceptable. Spanking, hitting... is not a form of humane treatment and should be banned from the disciplinary process.

There are many reasons why we could spank, but all of them support violence and abuse. Think about that?

Women, I cannot believe you support spanking in any form.

Men, if there was one thing we could choose to make a better future for ourselves and children, what would be better than what we are most often accused - Child Abuse. Instead of whipping our children because of the mistakes they make, why not learn and teach ourselves alternate means of discipline, Anything but violence and abuse? Which would be better? Think of the affect we would have on the world?

Yes, spanking was done. Yes I was guilty of it and yes, it seems spanking made a difference, but my friend, it was not the spanking that made the difference. It was the caring and love.

Did you know you can more effectively discipline a child using only love and caring? Violence by any form only begets more violence. Do not think individually and ask yourself the question, does violence strive in our communities. That alone should be enough to tell you we should learn alternate means of discipline. There are so many more better and humane discipline tools, only if we would take the time to learn.

Caring and love makes the difference and these are the areas in which we need the most growth and help.


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Profanity in our society.

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