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In the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world. -- Mother Teresa

--A child is "helpless".

Have you ever been Helpless? If so, someone must come to your rescue.

Every child is a gift from God, his beautiful creation. It is not the lack of spanking that has spoiled the child but the lack of love and more creative ways to express it, especially in our disciplinary process.

From Truth and Protecting your child, while they can not protect themselves yields Love and Trusting. There is no love without trust and no trust without love. Violations make it even harder to regain.

Spanking, as a form of dicipline or chastising is not acceptable!

A lick, as in thrashing, flogging is a lick, Not a lollipop.

Many of us have learned spanking as an accepted and necessary form of discipline, especially okay when disciplining small children.

Some "believe" spanking is supported by the Bible. Here The "Rod" is being interpreted as "a stick, a switch, a slap, a tap or a hit". Does that make any sense?

I am here to tell you that spanking, in any form, is a form of physical, mental and emotional abuse and violence. Spanking is a disgrace. Spanking is the act of beating someone into submission.

Spanking is done out of anger and malice, most often as a last result. I've had enough! That's it! I am tired of telling you! Now, here is one of the greatest misrepresentations of spanking: I am spanking you out of love.

Spanking is a sign of weakness and often used as a last result.

Because "we believe and are taught" spanking brings about immediate desired results make us think it is a most effective disciplinary tool and is okay. I got spanked and it did not scar me for life so get over it or learn from it.

I chose to learn from it.

Spanking was an acceptable means of discipline in some schools and communities and we didn't have a problem then. Here is the problem, "We never gave love a chance and many refuse to do it today". That is how we were brought up so how can we know any difference?

Also there is guilt and the empty wagon syndrome. I did it and I am not willing to admit I might have been wrong. I was following what I was taught or what was done to me.

Spanking creates an endless cycle of hurt and anger, emotions that scar for life.

It is all learned behavior and responses to behavior.

Many of "us" have gotten away with it, Thank God, but that does not make it any better. Just look at today.

Open our minds and hearts to better and greater means of thinking.

Reward good behavior and rebuke bad behavior.

Lead the way!

We must come to a strong resolution even if we must suffer for it.

- to love and to be loved or to spank and to be spanked..Which cycle do you prefer?

Now you know better.

How long are we going to live in a world that is upside down?

Mother Teresa with child

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