Spirit and Faith

It says the spirit will change your way of thinking, how?

Changing your spirit, why would anyone want to do that? We’ve been dragging around this same ole lying, cheating, destructive spirit for so long, it seems to be right. We’re still sitting around waiting.  If you take a task so simple as driving, especially on the expressway, then you will see what I mean – driver’s rage.

By Nature we’re a very nice people to each other, but about material junk (people, land, resources), we’re cut-throats. As a matter of fact, the shit has gotten so bad, we’ll kill the good person before the bad –MLK…

It says you must do something to change your spirit. But as you look around more and more people have more time and less money. So, this job thing has seen its best day and until we step out on faith our spirit will remain in a destructive Nature.

You just don’t sit around waiting for shit to happen. How do I better myself today? Your spirit is all about changing lives and in order to maintain healthy growth you must change.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!