Stealing Internet Content

You know all them re-tweets, re-post, cut, copy and paste... Guess what???

What makes what you're doing any different from "The Fat Jew"? I'm sure he thought he was the wiser too, just like me.

You just ain't making no money, but "what if" the money opportunity presented itself, would you take it? Would it be like Bill Cosby, 40  years later, busted??? What about the man who raised $300,000 for "a" car?

Original content, how original must it be? If there was really original content then all the websites would look like mine or would mine look like theirs? Who would steal my content, if they got paid for it, would I want a cut, would they give it? Would I want to pay, even if someone contacted me accusing and requesting? Do what I do contribute to the good of anything, without pay?

The Boy is bad...this little hiccup will only make him stronger. Good luck brotha!

Plagiarism could include any of these:  falsification, infringement, piracy, appropriation, borrowing, fraud, stealing, theft, counterfeiting, cribbing, lifting...

Did you know Jews stole? How much for this photo? This only confirms we're all related.

The internet has made Cut, Copy and Paste easier than ever. It's like police and radar, every time they get a new radar gun, we get a newer radar detector.  Every time the internet get a new security measure, we get an even newer hacker. Every time the big boys figure out how to secure what they stole, resourceful people figure out a way to take advantage of it. One scam for another!

The rich can take advantage of the weaknesses of the poor, waste, fraud and abuse, but when it's the other way around, it's considered a crime. They call it tracking, advertising, marketing, inflation, demographics, investigating, confiscating, evidence, plagiarism, no patent, no money... you can't afford to do shit.

Who doesn't achieve success off the back of another? Whose rich that didn't scam? Look at gas prices, who holds these crooks accountable? The music industry, how dog eat dog? Sports, just ask Mike Vick, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby Clinton, MOnica Lewinsky,  and the list goes on and on? Mass media??? It's a constant  battle between those who have it and those who don't. Those who have are resigned to doing more to get more and those who don't have it are resigned to doing whatever to getting. The real problem: Our society demands it, no matter how.

Money is a dog eat dog business, there's a lion on every corner and when you get it just depends if they allow you to get away it?

The Good Old Boy network.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!